The wacky doctor's game where you are the wacky doctor

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We got a modern one for our kids and the game is kind of ruined. The registration on touching the side of the pit is far less sensitive than in the ones when I was a kid. A simple brush often wouldn’t set off the alarm! It make the game far too easy and boring.

They also updated the conditions, so there’s a cell phone and an X-Box controller in place of the old adam’s apple, funny bone, etc…


Milton Bradley has always sounded more like a law firm than a toy company.


Oh. That is sad. Ours is still super sensitive. I’d have sworn she got it as a gift 3-5 years back, might be mine from time immemorial tho.


My ma-in-law got the new version for the kids to play at her house. It’s ridiculously easy compared to the original. Back in my day, you used to really have to work for the Wishbone or the Spare Ribs. Today you can just scoop everything out.

You kids get out of my operating theatre!


Ze must have been in the back of my brain. The Show was great!


There’s a whole pile of different themed versions out now too, if I’m not mistaken.

My daughter and I recently discovered our copy of Operation under her bed. Some fresh batteries and we were removing his funny bone!

Darn difficult keeping all the pieces together, isn’t it?


I love Ze too much. Makes me see Misery in a different light.

I kid, I kid,…

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I was tempted to buy the Alien Autopsy version when it came out…

I was doing some electrical work recently and I realized that operation was really just training to run wires in a live electrical panel without killing yourself. I didn’t compare notes with my wife who’s a surgeon though…

Two hundred dollars? If only surgery were still so inexpensive.

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