The game Operation was born as a test of desert survival skills

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“200 hundred dollars please!” Now we know where the values underpinning For-Profit-Heathcare come from.

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Death Valley sounds like it would be fun!

I’m not sure how it is played, though. Do you need to stick the probe in w/o hitting the sides to advance?


12yo me is laughing hysterically right now.

It looks to me like, absent any other game pieces, it may have been a one-player challenge game… stick the probe in each hole in sequence and try to reach the end of the board without activating the buzzer.

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multiple players. Like many jargons, the patentese of 1965 is more readable than the equivalent language today,

Succeeding holes are usually smaller than those near the starting point, and the size may vary from one location to another, the most difiicult openings to negotiate being preferably in the vicinity of the most formidable hazards. Thus the holes are smaller in the vicinity of the Indian 22. Again in the region of the mirage 24 a V- shaped slot 36 takes the place of one of the holes, and must be passed by inserting the playing piece and sliding it along the slot, but without touching the margins of the slot. Also in the vicinity of Cracked Cliff a long and jagged slot 38 must he traveled successfully. No player is likely to be skillful enough to travel the whole course without setting off the signal, so the players are each provided with an animal skull 40 (FIGURE 3) which is to be placed on the board at the point where contact was made, and where the player must resume travel after the other players have each had a turn. A sinuous slot 42 is provided at Rattlesnake Pass, and small holes are found in the crossfire between two characters engaged in a gun battle. Another jagged slot is found beneath the Crazy Prospector who is in the act of dropping a rock on a passer-by. Other variations will doubtless suggest themselves to those skilled in the art. At the end 'of the trail is a long straight slot 43 which may be deceptively difiicult, because it looks so easy. The first player to get to the water cooler 44- wins the game.



Ha! That’s awesome. Also, a da Vinci could fold an origami crane inside the game board without touching the sides.

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Operation was the one game that my mother banned from our house when my sister and I were kids. BBBBZZZZZTT!

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