The magic of caring for your electric bicycle batteries

yes - Makita has an entire line of 18v x 2 tools that use two of their 18v packs. Although they have recently intro’d a 40v battery line, and will be offering 40vX2 tools as well.

I agree. Thats why I’m thinking better to use packs well engineered by others.

Exactly. But realize that these batteries interact with power management software on board the tool. Hooking it up to a bike without that will not yield optimum performance from the battery by far.

I have a feeling that electric automobiles will soon be the driving force in the development of cells, power capacity, and output and recharge pipelines. Ebikes will benefit more directly from that, while hand tools are probably already well serviced by current tech. I mean you can only make a hand drill so powerful before it will break your wrist. There are only a few high powered tools that you can’t get a battery version of now. Those will follow.


You’re probably right, I haven’t dealt with the bigger tool batteries. Stuff like the Ryobi 40v system are 6Ah and for bikes, I’m seeing a range of 7.5 to 24Ah. No doubt higher end tool systems have more.

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