The making of Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" plus new videos for the album's tracks

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And Scott Manley has a great explanation of what that is on the album cover.


The CBC has Peter Saville (the designer) talking about the very same thing.

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Being a fellow who loves Joy Division and works in radio astronomy, I thank you for posting this video here. I first investigated this is 2006, well before the fellow from Arecibo was interviewed.

I made some similar 3D line plots of mirror surfaces in my undergrad job at the Arizona Optical Sciences department in 1979. But the pen plotter made lots of little jaggies, so I can understand why these were redrawn by hand.

Also, I have a T-shirt with cat ears in the signal peaks. And one from the South Pole Telescope. and Adventuretime.


“Closer” is their better album.

While it’s not officially Joy Division, I was thinking earlier today that Ceremony is probably the best rock song of all time. It’s perfect.


Quite frankly I’m more interested in how that animated gif was made

The anniversary is today, June 15.

I once read an interview with the band members where they claimed that Martin Hannett wouldn’t start recording Unknown Pleasures until they all did cocaine together! They tried to resist him but he was insistent so they had to call around until they found someone who could sell them some coke. don’t know if it’s true but it sure is a good story

Do I have to watch nearly 8 min of video, or can someone just post a one-liner.

Nothing against your post in particular, but why do people always assume I want to stream a whole video to get some bits of info? Starting one level below, why does anyone assume everyone has proper network coverage and enough data to watch videos?

Just FTR, currently situated in Germany. This “internet” everyone talks about? Still very much “Neuland” (translation: bat country).

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