The man in the Godzilla suit


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Moral of the story: be energetic and bold and do your research, and you too can gain money and repute and immortality for dressing up as a monster and smashing miniature buildings and vehicles (or for your personal equivalent of sweaty joy).



As part of court mandated community service after stomping Tokyo, Godzilla had to babysit gargantuan children and teach them language skills.


Few realize Godzilla was quite the ladies man

But he also “played for the other team as well”


I would love to be bombarded with bottle rockets launched from tiny F-86 models while being snoozzly coddled and protected in a Godzilla suit.


Wait, if Godzilla is just a guy in a suit, who brings me presents on Christmas morning?


King Kong in a Godzilla suit.



This is my favorite thread today.


He is much, much shorter than I thought.


So the lesson here is be yourself…unless you can be Godzilla.


Yes @Haystack, there is a Santa Claus


James Spader.


not to be confused with Santa Claws


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