The man who loves junk mail recommends Tschai, by Jack Vance

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I hope Polish hotel cleaning staff consider a Nintendo Switch to be a good tip.


I wish I lived in a country that named things after composers instead of politicians.


Needs more cowbell.

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Great share. I was just today sharing my original copy of Jack Vance’s The Compleat Dying Earth. He was a great science fiction-fantasy writer, truly underappreciated.


I bought a copy of Tales of the Dying Earth for my uncle, who loves sci fi and fantasy but had never heard of him.

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Love Jack Vance stories. Just finished my nth rereading of the Dying Earth tales. Shame on whoever worked at Orb - Tom Doherty Associates (Tor) and thought this was an appropriate cover:


I guess they hadn’t read the book, and randomly chose some old John Berkey art they already owned? Or shame on Berkey if he actually painted this image specifically for the cover.


Totally nailed it with the John Varley reference.

#1: From the previous episode: why does the man who loves junk mail (TMWLJM) need Mark’s (or whoever the narrator is) help getting Piotr killed when he has already shown that he can easily have people killed? Unless killing him that way is part of his mystical streak.

#2: Why didn’t Mark notice that his luggage wasn’t in the back of the station wagon? It’s not like he needed to pop the boot to see back there. (3)

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