Flying Saucers are Real! Anthology of the lost saucer-craze


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Jack Womack is an accomplished science fiction writer and part of the first wave of cyberpunks; he’s also one of the world’s foremost collectors of flying saucer ephemera: the zines, cheap paperbacks, and esoteric material associated with the saucer-craze, a virtually forgotten, decades-long global mania that features livestock mutilations, abductions, messages of intergalactic brotherhood, claims of both divine and satanic origins, and psychic phenomena.


Yeah…UFOs…this is about flying saucers and little green men. Sure, that kind of stuff. Take a look and see if you like what you find…


I was born in 1967 so I caught the end of this craze as well. I remember reading the Spaceship Moon book when I was a wee lad. I’m a little sad that the whole craze is gone now. It made the world a more mysterious place.


Sadly, I find the world to still be quite mysterious, especially when reviewing general election polling results.


Yeah, but that is “VERY BAD” mysterious things whereas the UFO’s and strange creatures showed there might be some wonder left in this world.


Now I want to dig up episodes of Nimoy’s In Search Of on YouTube…

It’s a shame we got so snotty about UFOs. I hate it when people say, “it’s just ball lightning” or “it’s just a weather balloon.” Ball lightning looks cool! Weather balloons can look really weird in the right conditions!

More joy in the weirdness of our skies, please.


My favourite part of the craze was “Chariot of the Gods”. I grew up with this and “Pyramid Power” in the house, so I still don’t understand why my razors go blunt so quickly.



Also relevant: “BB Pal Erik Davis” (I think that’s the term of art) recently did an episode of his Expanding Mind podcast which was an interview with Womack about the book and collection.


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