Beautiful study of UFO sightings from ancient history

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The grave-diggers’ scene in Hamlet is always improved by levitating cannons:

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I asked a friend, a hardcore rationalistic science-guy, if he “believed in UFOs”, and he immediately went into a spiel on extraterrestrial life and the realities of space travel and the speed of light and how it was impossible.

Then I said “so. . . you don’t believe there are ever flying objects that are unidentified”?


swamp gas.


The top image appears to be from the “Wunderzeichenbuch” (The Book of Miracles), The world’s first journal documenting natural phenomenon which did not ascribe unexplained events to religious mystery, but rather unknown science.


weather balloons filled with

while the moon is full

Pumba, with you, everything’s gas.

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Commons has a few scans (only 40 of the 170 folios : ( ).—_Folio_144-Himmelsfeuer%C3%BCber_Augsburg_1542.jpg


It never occurs to those Von Danniken types that most scriptures are not designed to be read literally? Why are UFO buffs such fundamentalists?

von Däniken

And look how sad he is when someone misspells his name : P

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Yea I dunno how to type those rat bastard umlauts. My point stands.

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Crash course Metal umlauts for zeh web:

German keyboard layout?
Press any key with funny dots above the letter.

Sane different keyboard layout?
Ä - Ä / ä - ä
Ö - Ö / ö - ö
Ü - Ü / ü - ü

Härder Better Fäster - with Metäl Ümläüts!

Bonus lessons
German bastard S : ß - ß
E with dots (unused in standard German) : Ë - Ë


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