Spotters' guide to UFOs, 1967




Winged Cigar Shape? Really. There is no feathered/ bird shaped UFO?


Just makes me realized how... cloud-shaped all the sightings are.


I find it interesting that UFOs resemble not just rolled-out condoms, but packaged ones, as well.


NOW I understand where that meme came from.


They mostly look like, airplanes, mirages, and the moon. This is more a chart for spotting idiots.


I am being completely, 100% honest here: I need that as a framed poster so I can hang it in between my De Long's Grape Varietal table, reproduction 1400's Yorkshire map, and signed Inspector Spacetime memorabilia.


paper plates, paper plates, cigar, cigar, paper plates paper plates, condom, space shuttle, paper plate, paper plate, cigar, cigar, paper plate, paper plate, cigar, light bulb, paper plate paper plates cigar, weather balloon, paper plate, paper plate, cigar, toy top, paper plate, paper plate, plane, dream catcher, paper plate, paper plate, popsicle sticks - Occam rules!


Notice that some of these have ports for emitting swamp gas.


Odd that as a greater percentage of the population walks around with devices with built in cameras, the number of reports of UFOs and cryptozoological animals drops.

<tinfoil hat>

Or maybe the sightings have increased and the lack of coverage is part of the cover up!

</tinfoil hat>


Digital cameras have UFO / cryptid recognition circuits that automatically "shop" the image into something innocuous, like a cloud in the case of a UFO, or a stanky old shaggy hobo in the case of Bigfoot.

So when the photographer gets home and reviews the image he thinks, "gosh, I guess I was seeing things!"

Also, when the camera is connected to a computer for download, a message is sent to the Men in Black, marking the photographer for termination.



Able to travel interstellar distances, possibly faster than light.

Unable to observe Earth with out hovering around close enough to be observed and photographed.


A bit different but may be more poster quality...


That would have made a better poster for Fox Mulder's office than the "I Want to Believe" poster. It would have played up a different aspect of the character, at least. Where can I order a copy of this?


Hmmm. Rocket shaped UFOs eh?
Wonder what those could have been.


Ha-ha I remember having this book!


Gents, if your dick resembles any of the shapes in this UFO spotter's guide, please seek medical attention immediately.


Oh c'mon. "Seen over Africa" is clearly a novelty prophylactic.


What? Yours doesn't have wings?


Adamski type?

Now I have this playing in my head.