UFO sighting over Florida


Is that Gamera?

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Stealth?!? I can see it right there!

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So full of meat!

Some alien stealth operator is so getting fired over this.


Gonna go with a high-end drone with a fake paper fuselage on the underside

Nice stabilization job… NOT.


No kidding. Ten minutes of twin-frames of shaky-cam in various shades of monochrome, revealing…nothing? I’m going to go with a bouncy-castle someone inflated with helium or hydrogen gas.



That people in the 21st century still believe shaky camera footage of a distant object constitutes a UFO sighting is definitive proof aliens are already among us.


CGI or physical special effect? Really? Uh… isn’t that just a quadcopter? It’s impossible to tell the scale or distance of the object. So yeah, watch YouTube shortly to see footage of a woman pointing her camera at the thing.

Where did you get the Image? That looks way more detailed than you could pull from the video. (I can tell by the pixels).
And I like the sepia tone version, it’s so much more convincing, they should try a couple more instagram effects.

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I don’t trust any UFO or Sasquach photograph unless it has a Valencia or Sutro filter.

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There are probably many hundreds if not thousands of drone, airship and other platforms in use today by the military (and that’s just the US military), and the public has awareness of at most 5-10 of them (many are classified, many are just obscure).

I see no reason to dismiss this immediately as fake footage, even though the shape of the platform is odd looking. Airships can and do take many shapes, anything from long cigars, triangles, spheres, etc.

I’ve been interested in this stuff for almost 20 years, and I guess it kind of surprises me how even in the age of ubiquitous drones people can buy at the mall or on the web, people don’t instantly assume that a lot of “UFO” stuff from the past decades falls into this category. Not all of it, but a good chunk of it.

Very good article from The New York Times a couple years back. I remember when it was published thinking that the public was just starting to get acquainted with things I had been looking at for a long time. Seems like not a lot of people noticed!

Meanwhile, the US Mid-Atlantic is about to get full-time surveillance aerostats. I’m sure people will still file UFO reports on them once they’re up, even though its been publicly acknowledged.

I think it’s a bouncy house.

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It’s an object. It is flying. We don’t know what it is. Yup, that’s a UFO.


Ahem: ‘shaky out-of-focus camera footage’.

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Yeah, I think someone gave something away with that still image, since it’s significantly clearer than anything in the actual video. (Also, I kept waiting for the promised stabilized video before I realized that was the supposedly stabilized footage.)
Is there a super-8 filter they could apply? That would be ideal.


I agree with boucy castle. We’ve seen this scenario too many times to dismiss it.

Aliens: Able to travel from a distant star. Unable to observe us with out the monkey shaped meat seeing them.