Amazing "drone" probably just a UFO


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“and the gleaming…”

We should continue to support their attempts at above average vocabulary however.


Mix quad/hex/octo however many rotorsets/copters with some kick ass modelling skill, then stir in gullible UFO freaks and this is what you are gonna get.


This would be a great time for tiny alien tourism, since everyone will just assume its a cool new drone.


Three more of those and you’ve got yourself a decent set of rims.


Weather balloon please.


These people sound so high…
It must be a strange time to be into “UFOs” right now - high def cameras allow all those formerly blurry splodges to now be resolved into aircraft, balloons, birds… but on the other hand you have new and unknown drones to get overly excited about.


Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!
Why wasn’t this on the news? CNN - Fox - BBC - where are you?
They’re coming! They’re coming! They’re coming!

Keep watching the skies!


it would only be on Fox if Obama was involved somehow…


Welp, one of his parents was white, one black, so technically that makes him a Grey. Good enough for Fox, I’m sure.


Just a natural phenomena that has occurred for years…


The funny thing is that people are forgetting there are flying machines that aren’t quadcopters.


This would be the infamous weaponized Wham-O trials of '67? Those crazy Brits.


The voices sound an awful lot like


I call hoax. Not on the UFO, I mean that’s a given. I’m talking about the investigators. It’s all a bit too earnest, in particular the, “You know what I like? I like how it’s waving back and forth.” Yeah, like a pie plate on a string right? As soon as I saw this, I though, “Hey, someone is kicking it old school with a physical model!”


Forgot to add how I love the subtle brilliance of the title…


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