The Mandalorian: All the times they say 'bounty puck' and 'tracking fob' in the first episode on Disney+

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When I need to track my bounty with complete accuracy, I always choose MacLunkey® brand Bounty Pucks.


How many times did they say “monopoly power”?

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Hey, if they’re good enough for Weathers and Herzog, I’ll take one of each!


Yeah, weird that a show about bounty hunting would talk about the tools of the trade more than once.


This of course means that they have ice hockey in the Star Wars universe, which is a little weird to wrap one’s head around. But I bet the Hoth Wampas are one great team!


I think we can all agree that they didn’t say it enough, but don’t worry it’s a series. I’m betting they’ll see their error in not saying it more, and they’ll double or triple the frequency in rushed recuts of the next episodes.


From the headline, I was assuming “bounty puck” and “tracking fob” were the Disney versions of felgercarb and frak…


Will they be able to get merch in the stores in time for xmas?

“Mandalorian Tracking Fob: Track your friends … for bounty!”

Perhaps they could get a sponsorship from a stalkerware company?

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Boy, Disney+ is really taking some liberties with this series-length biopic of John DeLorean.


The banner ads cover up the dialogue. That’s bad planning.

Bounty Puck Tracking Fob

Fits the meter to “Sugar pie, honey bunch”

Just pointing that out for any aspiring Weird Al’s out there.


I liked how it seemed that the Mandalorian and the bounty droid seem like they are going to form a buddy team, then the Mandalorian just casually shoots the droid in the head once it’s no longer useful.

They have to make their money somehow.


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I’m still waiting on some explanation on how the hell tracking fobs even work. Boba Fett sure as hell didn’t have one for the purposes of tracking down Han Solo, or at least one is never shown or mentioned or even hinted at. The ability to just land on the same planet as your target and have it point the way to them seems a bit too convenient.

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they work fobulously darling.

speaking of which, this is fabulous for real


I’m still wondering if calamari flan is made of people.

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Yup. I’m not paying disney a dime for fucking anything if I can help it.


I’m kind of fascinated by the idea of a squishy currency apparently made of solidified water or gel or something.

Between record viewership, merchandise sales, and eventual DVD/Blu-ray sales, I’m sure they’ll be okay. I’m certain a whole lot of self-styled Robin Hoods pirating the show to steal from the rich will happily buy plenty of Mandalorian toys this Christmas.

1 Like are they singin the life-day-song?!?