The Mandalorian's season 3 premiere was a recap

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“I enjoyed the new season of The Mandalorian 's first episode…” continues for the rest of the article to complain, mostly about other shows.


Oooh, Cara Dune got recruited to Special Q Forces! I wonder if we’ll get a new side show for that!


The whole thing about Mando insisting that IG-11 is the only droid he can trust, even after witnessing that the droid defaults to “MUST MURDER GROGU” mode when reconnected to power, was quite a stretch. Also, if he can just be fixed that really retroactively mutes the emotional aspect of IG-11’s earlier sacrifice. Kinda wish they didn’t go that way with the plot.


Looked a bit like Diz mandated in house product placement. I found that jarring. I fear that once Diz gets a taste, they won’t be able to stop until it’s Grogu and Mickey in a light saber battle as to who gets to be the ears.


Speculation was that the planned Rangers of the New Republic show was to be focused on Cara Dune, however after actress Gina Carano made some questionable remarks on social media, Disney cut ties with her and it appears the show has been scrapped entirely. Material that was planned for it is apparently being reworked for future Mando seasons.

It looks like they’re setting up to do a Pirates of the Outer Rim spinoff instead. The company loves making Pirate movies.

bring on the space whales! here for whatever this season brings.

Some fans have spent the last couple years clamoring for Disney to cast Johnny Depp as the live action version of Hondo Ohnaka so he can be a purate again but I think that’s still just wishcasting for now. Probably not the best fit for the character anyway.

Carano compared her plight to that of Jews in the holocaust. There was no question about her remarks, or why Disney fired her.


Kaleva (epic poem) at least you could tell that what they were saying. Teräs Käsi (trying to say Steel Hand but it’s translated by just looking up words for steel and hand but Finnush doesn’t work like that) is still the high point and Jakku (jacket of a skirt suit) is a funnier name for planet.

Woman called Jorma (name that mostly slang for penis and name of failed fortified wine) will never be topped.

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also the whole first ten minutes of the show: dang people, you’re all fight and no tactics. go into the goram cave already. ditto when mando has a button to escape the pirates, yet fails to push the button when the pirates show up. why wasn’t he in hyperspace already? oh right, because the writers wanted him to fight pirates. :roll_eyes:

the episode felt like bunch of contrived set pieces tacked together. none of the narrative umph that made the show so great previously

“She often disseminated election conspiracy theories, mocked COVID mask mandates, made transphobic jokes about pronouns, and a litany of other vitriol that now pervades the mainstream American right.“


“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

No one ever said she was particularly bright.


She ended up in a movies distributed by Breitbart News and The Daily Wire…

I have heard that Terror on the Prairie is considered by her new audience.


From the Wikipedia article on My Son Hunter:

Naomi Fry of The New Yorker called the film “an amateurish, often batshit, if very occasionally vulgarly amusing satire-cum-thriller-cum-melodrama-cum-propaganda-organ, which switches between modes with the head-spinning unexpectedness of a Surrealist cutup.”[27]



I think they established from the start of the very first episode that Mandalorians like fighting for the sake of fighting. Right from the get-go Mando roped that random dude who was running away from the bar on the ice planet, then cut him in half with the door. The guy wasn’t one of his targets and posed no threat while running away. I think these guys just really, really love killing.

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They are cultists. Kinda think they are a death cult. Choosing a place where there are giant crocodile turtles that you barely kill to do your religious ritual seems purposeful.

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I was like “Come on, dude was obviously here first! It’s his fucking beach! Go somewhere else!” Then Mando swoops in and is like “Let’s get this barbecue started!” :roll_eyes:


he threatened his reputation. mandalorians can’t let people walk who disrespect them if they want to be known as feared bounty hunters.

they didn’t even want the baptized kid fighting!? it made no sense.

and nobody minds!

if it were just about the fight, i’d have been pissed somebody took all the sport out of it. especially an apostate.

this is the only answer that makes sense… maybe the writers could have sold that better by having them all break out in a chorus of yub nub?

maybe grogru singing and feasting on it’s bloody remains? poor kid. didn’t even get a single skewer.

the scene didn’t arise out of the narrative, didn’t advance the narrative, and it didn’t tell us anything new about the characters. the writers just wanted an opener with “action” :tm:

the previous seasons were great because they weren’t just random cobbled together ideas. i really hope it gets better.

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