The Mandalorian as a spaghetti western

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Questo è meraviglioso!


Next season: More babies! Baby Jabba! Baby Emperor! Why? Do not ask! Babies!


I’m going to use that Coming Attractions Muzak as a ringtone for my phone!


I wonder if Disney is more happy that The Mandalorian is so well-recieved, or more pissed that they didn’t give the sequels to Favreau?


I’m sure they talked to him. Disney really like Favreau after Iron Man basically kicked started that whole MCU thing.

But he was making Jungle Book at the time, and Chef before that. Which was a much simpler movie but involved Favreau basically going to culinary school and working in kitchens for a good chunk of time.

So he may not have been available. It sounds a bit bonkers but Favreau seems like the sort of guy who might respond to a call about Star Wars with “I can’t I’m working in this Taco Truck right now”.


Fucking cool.

It was only after my 2nd watching that I realized they did an effect for the vibroblades.


And a sound. An excellent sound. Show has excellent sound design across the board.


I feel like much of the tribute is also paid to several of Kurosawa’s samurai films, which inspired many of Sergio Leone’s westerns, and other westerns, like The Magnificent Seven.

I think this is evident from the very beginning of the series, but it’s most obvious in the fourth episode, which has the same premise as Seven Samurai.

Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress was itself a huge influence on Lucas when he made the first Star Wars film, so I find the Kurosawa-ness of The Mandolorian very much to be a return to the roots of the franchise.

I can’t wait for someone to make a Kurosawa-inspired trailer for the show!


I don’t recall where I heard this so it may not hold up, but apparently his price tag was higher than they wanted to pay for a commitment to plan out and oversee three movies. Which, if true, is so fucking perfectly short-sighted that it kind of makes sense give what they ended up slapping together. They could and should have paid the dude $150m and considered it a bargain.


Eh, the sound is the one thing I think they slacked off in some areas. Most notably some of the cantina scenes aren’t nearly as noisy and busy as they should be. Even with out music we should have initially heard louder murmurings and clips of alien languages. But this is a minor gripe.

Clearly. And this was of course used as the plot line for The Magnificent Seven.

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I very much enjoyed The Mandalorian, and look forward to season 2.

I have one observation and one nitpick:


They could have, and I would argue should have- done the whole season without revealing his face. It was such a bold, brave choice to not show him sans helmet throughout. It increased the mystery and interest, and elevated the rest of the storytelling. It also showed (and utilized) the skill of the actor. Lastly, it was an actual use of the Mandalorian creed as a storytelling device, which was incredibly powerful in terms of storytelling and of empathy.

Nit Pick:

In the big shootout with the baddies at the Imp outpost, they make such a big deal out of the E-web cannon. “Oh no! The not the e-web cannon! This is the end for sure!” Then later, when Moth and Mando are facing off outside, Moth just shoots the e-web cannon’s power pack. KABLOOEY! No more e-web cannon. Why don’t our guys just do that to begin with?


Oh, and this trailer is great! It makes me want to watch "The Good, the Bad, & The Ugly" again, then play a few games of “BANG!” and then watch The Mandalorian Season One all over again.


Moff Gideon was RIGHT THERE to hit the power pack. Our hero’s where at least, what, 25 yards away and had 30 blasters pointed at them if they poked their heads out to shoot at the power pack.

Also, FYI, Moff is a title, like a governor.


Fwiw blasters are very inaccurate compared with IRL guns.

Shooting things at any kind of range further than a few dozen meters with a small arms blaster is practically witchcraft unless you’ve got a very special weapon. Hitting a moving target at a couple hundred meters with a moderate powered scope on an AR-15 isn’t a major feat.


Only by comparison to the cantina scene in ANH. So if your standard is similarity to other Star Wars films.

What’s there is well recorded and mixed, well thought out. And sounds Star Warsy, while fitting the overall aesthetic and approach taken on the show. Discounting some of the less good episodes this is a very quiet show. The score has a lot of silence and negative space in it, a lot of space between the notes. And not too many instruments in it. Dialog is light for the most part, and there’s a lot of silence.

I wouldn’t really call it slacking off. I’ve done a lot of audio work and its not necessarily any simpler or cheaper to layer fewer sounds into a scene. In fact more stuff makes it a lot easier to hide flaws, transitions and tricks like looping tracks. So there can be a lot less precision and correction going on. And fact is nothing in this show has a lot of different sounds going on at once.

The vibe in that cantina has definitely changed a lot in the years since Luke & Obi-Wan visited. For one thing they went from a “no droids allowed” policy to an all-droid bar staff. I’m guessing the place was under new management.

Or maybe Mando just happened to walk in around 10:30am before the place got busy.


It works.

This is why I get killed on battle maps.

How far away was the power pack from the building where our heroes are holed up? What is the range of Mando’s pulse rifle?

My calculation: building itself + the length of the pulse rifle + range of pulse rifle = ample coverage for this tactic. (+ Bonus for seeing the powerpack being brought in. It is at this time inoperable, identifiable, targetable, and the STs carrying it provide further cover, as they are unarmed/reduced threat and between our guys and the baddies, at least somewhat reducing the opportunity for baddy return fire.)

We already see Our Heros sitting at the window with blasters only. So they’re willing to accept some risk of return fire.