Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian after offensive Instagram posts

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I was shocked when I first found out she was a MAGA person. Shouldn’t really be surprising I suppose, I’m sure MMA culture is pretty toxic.

This was a long time coming.


Comparing Jews who were persecuted for their ethnic identity to people who are criticised for promoting fascism, bigotry and conspiracy theories is a real Jar-Jar take on things.


It’s a disturbingly common one though, and often comes in a pair with comparing the groups who are persecuted to their persecutors. None of them compare themselves to the LGBTQ+ people who actually were targeted by the Nazis, because in their reactionary opinions LGBTQ+ are the real Nazis.


Word is that Disney was going to announce her as the lead of the Rangers of the new republic show but held off after her previous tweets. This must of been the final straw after she was given so many chances.

I hope they recast honestly. Don’t let her misguided views sully the great character. Frankie Adams is available with Expanse ending soon.


while i loved her character (and her portrayal, honestly), this was indeed a long time coming and the right decision. i LOVE the idea of using Frankie Adams – she’s perfect! her character on the Expanse is very similar, so if she would be up for it, i’d love to see her jump to SW.


They could handle it the same way that Disney introduced a (SPOILER ALERT) re-cast Quicksilver in WandaVision.


When you get hit in the head as often as those people do, a certain amount of bad thinking may result.

Soderbergh’s “Haywire” is a terrific movie, though.


Well, that spoiler is a little deeper than just a simple recast.


On the flip side, the star of the Mandalorian came out in support of his sibling coming out as trans.


You’re right, but it’s all very meta and showbiz-like. Not my best joke!

Carano’s acting is my least favorite part of the Mandolorian so far, so recasting that character would be awesome. Outside of that, I’m really enjoying both Mando and WandaViz. Fine entertainment, if that’s your thing.


About damn time!


They could simply did another across and make like in “Bewitched” with Darrin, without any explanation: the audience will adapt or make really odd and cumbersome theories. Dick Sargent did a fine job.


As an MMA fan, and with a partner who actively trained with and participated in MMA culture (to the point of having trained with GSP among others) I can pretty definitively say that, at least in Canada, the MMA culture has a strong basis in mutual respect and tolerance given the prevalence of eastern martial arts and the culture of respect that tends to foster. After all, co-ed sparring and training is pretty common in a sport that most would likely assume pretty masculine - leaning by design.

That said, most sports attract all kinds, and unfortunately, Gina’s behaviour here is only going to serve to perpetuate the stereotypes many people (including myself at one point) believe about the sport.


Yeah, in a previous twitter dust up, he was the one educating her on pronouns.

Who would have thought comparing the current fascists to the Jews being beaten up in the streets would end up being controversial?

I liked the character well enough, I don’t see why they can’t just re-cast her. They do stuff like that all the time. Lots of talented stunt performers could do the various moves. Or not. She was a peripheral character.


One of the craziest parts is that she would write that garbage even after it was widely known that she was on thin ice from her previous social media posts. Even with such a major career defining role on the line she couldn’t manage to keep the toxic stuff out of her public life.


So on top of being a good actor, Pedro Pascal is a good brother too! :slight_smile:


To me the biggest shock about this whole thing is that nobody has yet posted the “baby Yoda sipping on soup” meme yet. That used to be a very popular meme, and in the show it occurred when Carano’s character was in the middle of wrestling with Mando, so it seems somewhat appropriate.


She seems n… not so nice. Actually, she sounds pretty toxic. And who in The Mandalorian is a worse actor? hmmmm, yeah no one. Bill Burr does a much better job. CG Luke does a better performance and affect. Though obviously her MMA skills are apparent and much on display.

Best meme for this is ‘baby yoda swallowing a frog’. I have spoken.


The director/creator of the show is Jewish, and she was tweeting out nasty shit about BLM while working closely with Carl Weathers.

It’s like she was ticking off boxes to attack everyone she was working with in sequence.