Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian after offensive Instagram posts

I actually saw a “first they came for the bigots” take, recently. Absolutely boggles the mind.


First they came for the bigots
And I was all for it, because that means the rest of the poem shouldn’t happen.


First they came for the bigots

Then there was much rejoicing!


They need to pull a “Darrin” and just replace her character with a different actor.

That is, don’t write in some arbitrary off-screen death/permanent disappearance.


Like Bewitched!

I remember that — Samantha’s husband Darrin Stephens was played by Dick York, then suddenly, Dick York left, and Dick Sargent was the new Darren.

It’s another case of Hollywood switching Dicks midstream…

I’ll be here all week folks,… don’t forget to tip your waitress.


I was surprised how much I enjoyed
Burr’s latest episode. He was terrific!

Would be happy to see Carano replaced by someone who can bring a similar physicality to the role (this person looks like she could beat you up, even though some of the fight choreography was underwhelming).



I only have very indirect contact with that scene (which means that years ago I knew friends of friends who did it and they were all on the up and up). Apart from that – as someone who doesn’t follow that sport at all – the only person I know connected to it is Joe Rogan. So you can see where I’m coming from with my, probably inaccurate, preconceptions.


Can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s unfair to Jar Jar.

As stupid and obnoxious as he was, he was accepting and kind.


The evidence points to him being a covert Sith lord.


The connection here might be more through UFC. Many of their major personalities have basically pulled a Carano. Their fan base in the US is very Joe Rogany. Both women and more progressive people who appeared as fighters have made public complaints about how ownership treated them and basically being pressed out. There’s the whole fucking McGregor thing.

And their founder and president has been a major, vocal Trumpist.

It’s a scumbag company that prioritizes scumbag personalities.

I’ve known a bunch of people who who’ve gotten involved in MMA here in the US. Most of them dropped out over this sort of shit. Those that didn’t, but won’t jump right into the crazy balls, basically have no pathway into any of the major UFC associated tournaments.


Or just drop the role entirely. It’s a big galaxy, there’s no reason Mando has to keep crossing paths with the same former-rebel-trooper-turned-backwater-sheriff every season. If they have scripts in the works that call for a former rebel soldier they can just write in a new character.


This seems to be one of the babies they threw out with the bathwater in kowtowing to the the backlash against TLJ.


Yeah there doesn’t really seem to be an actual need for the character to recur. And it looks very much like she was about to be spun off anyway. So just create a new character for the spin off, cast a stronger actor and problem solved.


I wonder if the negative stereotypes have anything to do with certain attitudes toward the extensive body art exhibited by many MMA fighters. Just speaking for myself and “my much better half”, all of our inked friends are nothing but cool with everyone. The same goes for the many inked acquaintances we’ve met at our local 24hr fitness center (up to early last year, of course); all were courteous and friendly amongst a multi-racial/multi-ethnic crowd there.

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Once again the MAGA folks imagine themselves to be the scrappy band of rebels when they’re clearly the ones cheering Palpatine at rallies while demanding that Congress provide more funding for the Death Star.


It’s Tatooine’s attempt at solipsism. :upside_down_face:

But yes, would love to meet more new characters.


Ruffalo knows Favreau…


It wouldn’t take that much tweaking to turn his gladiator helmet into a Mandalorian helmet…


… I don’t think it’s Hollywood, but somewhere else in the film industry… :snicker:


And those preconceptions are not your fault when so many of the mouthpieces for the UFC are assholes. It tarnishes the entire sport and I hate to see it, but worse, long-term, it’s going to push away moderate, tolerant people who may have been interested in MMA, turning it into a self-reinforcing cycle, too.

Gina does damage to the sport, to the girls that look up to her, sure - but I agree with @Ryuthrowsstuff that finding out that all the top men in the UFC are basically asshats too probably does way more damage overall. It’s just depressing.