The many-headed hydra is a real creature that regenerates itself and can live "forever"

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so, doesn’t it or not doesn’t it? not that that is not the question.
whether tis less noble in the mind to not suffer
the slings and arrows of a not unoutrageous fortune
or not to take arms unopposed to a sea of blessings
and by cooperating fail to begin them.


Well, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t guard a portal to the netherworld.


Hail hydra?

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That thing looks a little like a cartoon broomstick, and just as impervious to death by axe.


I seem to remember from highschool biology that jellyfish (and hence hydra? I dunno. Jellyfish look like hydra for their polyp stage anyway. Almost as if a hydra is a jellyfish which just skips the medusa stage.) are more akin to colonies of more or less independent single celled organisms than a ‘real’ multicellular animal. Which makes the whole grounding-up-to-clump-of-cells and then reorganizing to for a new hydra slightly less unexpected. Still very cool of course. Jellyfish lifecycles are very cool all around. Warning, only enter that wikipedia hole if you have at least 3 hours to spare ;-D


About 100 years ago when I was in high school I was fascinated by the hydra, and they are a major reason I got a degree in biology. I wish we had some of the technology then that we have now, like the internet - I would have been much less annoying to my teacher!


“What is White supremacy?”

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