The Marshall Mode EQ earphones are everything you’d expect from the Marshall name

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Don’t believe the hype about Marshall being this oh-so-great quality brand. I bought some rack-mount speakers/HD monitor units and I’m unimpressed. The WebUI is painfully slow and offers only one option more than the front buttons (changing the scale of the VU meters). And the little 2" LCD monitors are both installed at a tilt and stretch 16:9 to 4:3.

For the cost, very very not impressed. Not fit for the intended use, but have to live with it because returns and such are just too problematic these days. Marshall ain’t all that, folks.

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“Everything you’d expect from the Marshall name”
Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix rubbing their crotches against my ears?


But aren’t we getting away from headphone jacks in phones? So the point of these is what, exactly?

That’s James Marshall Hendrix. And he wasn’t named after the amplifier company.

But don’t professional musicians use something fancier than off the shelf headphones?

I remember reading when they started shifting to in ear monitors (rather than small speakers in front of them) that at least they were getting custom fitted pieces that went in the ear like for hearing aids. (Coat the ear, pour in something, let it sit, then wait two weeks while the actual earpiece is made.)

I’m sure it was the Grateful Dead that I read about, but ither artists used the same thing.

So one might expect a better transducer, though maybe now things have intersected. But I wonder if these really are what professional musicians are using.

I can’t think of any attribute I associate with the Marshall name that I’d want in a pair of headphones. And I say that as someone who owned a Marshall amp back in the day. I’m not knocking them at all, just saying it’s such a mismatch that it’s like if Cadillac put out a pickup truck or something.


Anyone can get a set of custom IEM’s made, the initial molding is taken using a silicon material injected into the ear, from which the final monitor is made - expect to pay upwards of $1000 for a pair.
Or you can get silicone eartips made for an existing earphone, for roughly $140/pair. Makes a big difference to the sound, no intrusive background noise, or risk of them falling out.
Triple-flange silicon eartips are almost as good, and a tiny fraction of the price, too.


“The Marshall Mode EQ earphones are everything you’d expect from the Marshall name”

  • you mean loud and distorted?

But these go to 11.


Wireless you say?

“Anchors to your ear” as in, “stuff this cork in your ear and try to ignore it.” No thanks. Disc shaped earbuds like my favorite $10.00 Sonys are widely available in fun colors, and ride gently in the curve of my outer ear. If you need better performance, use some decent cans.

I’d go with “Contributing to hearing loss!”


Yes. Etymotic ER4s with the custom tips:

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