'The Mason Williams Reading Matter,' phenomenal poetry from 1969


correction - the clip is from the Johnny Cash show

I love that book! “How to Derive the Maximum Enjoyment from Crackers” is a classic. Some fun photography of his, too. I remember a photo of a convenience store with a sign advertising “Ice Cold Ice Cubes, Frozen Fresh!”

I’ll have to dig it up and re-read it…


How about them lunch toters?
Ain’t they a bunch?
Goin’ off to work
Just a totin’ they lunch.

Totin’ them vittles
Totin’ that chow
Eatin’ it later
But a-totin’ it now.

The FOOD FRUGAL lunch toters,
Ain’t they funny?
Some use a paper sack,
Some use a gunny.

How to be a lunch toter?
If I may emote it–
Gitchee wife to fix it,
Go to work an’ tote it.

Still holding out for the Anson Williams Reading Matter.

I’m not at home right now so I can’t go read it!! Argh.

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