The Miracle Cube Timer is not a miracle, but it's still useful



I got half-a-dozen cheapo countdown timers from DX for the same price and have them dotted all over the place. Really handy when you need multiple timings. Not as groovy looking, mind.

Did it come from this guy?


“we are not our cube timers”


I prefer skeuomorphic veggies to count my minutes.


I like my poached eggs cooked for exactly 3 minutes and 30 seconds. So… kind of useless IMO.

For an actually useful timer, see this industrial class unit from Thermoworks. Four different volume settings, from pretty loud to crazy loud (110 decibels). Large digit display. Settable to the second. Can count down, or count up. Strong magnet to attach to a metal surface, or wall mountable by screw keyholes, or flip out the stand for use on tabletop. Memory recall for repeated timing for the same duration. Splashproof to IP65 specs, and can be set to time for more than 4 days (99 hours, 99 minutes, and 99 seconds).

But hey, have fun with your cube.

Siri, set timer…

“Did you mean, ‘blow up the world’?”


I just use my phone…

For us:

Cortana set a timer…
OK Google set a timer…
or with an Amazon Echo, in the kitchen at least, it’s
Alexa set a timer…
(Or we just set it on the oven or microwave)

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My first thought was: cool but is there a T12 or T20 version?

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My first inclination is to roll it. “Thirty minutes? Aw, come on.”


Well… twice the price but like, 12x the functionality!
& TWO colors to choose from!

This is probably the dumbest question on the entire internet. But what’s on the 6th side?

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Reverse, for when you’ve burned the dinner.


I love that thing. I bought four of them and threw out all my other kitchen timers except for their TimeStick, which I use for grilling. The differentiator, besides its incredible loudness, is the big number pad. No more mental spin-lock while holding the “minutes” button down for 15 seconds.

They’re also great for rest time between sets while lifting weights in a home gym. Clang it right onto your weightlifting rack.

I have a blue one – I use it for making sure I’ve brushed my teeth for long enough. One less thing to think about before coffee.

A teeny LCD display for the countdown.

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