The modern cat video was invented in 1994 by French multimedia artist Chris Marker


I used to think America’s Funniest Home Videos was responsible for giving us the modern cat video, but I much prefer the idea that Chris Marker is responsible. Aside from giving greater attention to his artistic accomplishments I can’t believe that show has ever contributed anything positive to our culture.

More ennui than all of the other cat videos on the web put together.

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I like to think the modern cat video was invented in 1894 by Edison himself.


There’s always Henri.


Ahh, yes. Forgot about his existential soul mate Henri.

Keyboard Cat is no longer with us either.

I believe TubCat has also visited that great litter-box in the sky.

I just watched Sans Soleil, and was very impressed, I felt that any other filmmaker would likely have turned the concept and material into noodly mental masturbation. But it hung together and was quite nuanced. And almost too dense; I found myself often having to listen to sentences over again just because so much interesting meaning was packed into every one.

And he not only invented the modern cat video, Sans Soleil is an ancestor of the “weird Japan” meme!

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So, if we ever gain time travel, we now know what to do…

I think Japan came up with that one themselves.

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