The ModMic turns normal headphones into a top-tier microphone headset for your home office

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First, what’s wrong with an iMac’s built-in camera? Second, if you’re going to have a separate mic, might as well get a lapel one. Third, if you’ve already put on headphones, the built-in mic is usually fine anyway.

It’s not the best camera in the world, but then again, their replacement probably isn’t either. I was mulling over getting a better webcam, but then COVID-19 hit, and B&H is out of stock.

Coming in the comments in the hope of finding a discussion on the merits of different microphones, and maybe some insight into that USB-soundcard comment.

Guess I’m too early?

I have a Bluetooth headset that I can attach to a wire with built-in microphone, and they seem to be working fine. I’m a little worried about them picking up too much environmental sounds, would a lavalier/lapel mic be better for that?

I currently use these if anyone is interested:
Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones
Marshall Major II Bluetooth

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