The Moovy Bag is like having a mobile office on your back everywhere you go

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I started off really skeptical, then found myself being won over by the convenience, then saw the price. $250 on super sale if you want the solar option? I have a portable solar charger that works great and a backpack that combined cost a small fraction of that. Portable batteries seem pretty cheap now. Why is this so pricey?




Or better yet, if you work a bullshit job that doesn’t do anything to enrich people’s lives like feed, clothe, or give them shelter/utilities, why not just take that pandemic assistance and quit fueling the COVID-19 flames?

  1. I guess 20,000 mAh sounds way more impressive than 22 Ah ?
  2. What are the airline rules about bringing these batteries in the passenger compartment?
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If it‘s durable really well made, that is not pricey at all.

It seems to pack a lot of convenience into a flat backpack, where what you have most likely results in a bulky backpack, which sucks in public transport when it’s crowded, because it’s always in the way.

After searching far and wide I bought a Maxpedition Slingbag last year to get rid of my bulky backpack. It cost me about half of this thing, has no battery or solar panel, and less features and less packing space. It’s perfect for my needs though.

Power banks with PD that are optimized for solar charging are around $120, and this one can be used standalone and integrates really well into that backpack.

My browser has this really cool „search“ feature where I type some words into the address bar, and it shows me a list of websites that contain those words. I use that all the time when I don’t know stuff, because it makes me look smart.

I typed „powerbank plane“ and found this website, here‘s the gist:

  • power banks are generally not allowed in the cargo hold, because a fire in the hold can’t be managed well during a flight
  • powerbanks with less than 100Wh don’t rewrite any specific approval (this one has probably 3.7V batteries, so it has around 80Wh)
  • banks with more than 100Wh require „airline approval“, i.e. you would call them to make sure

Cool! Now I can contribute to capitalism anywhere! Thanks! I was afraid I might have a moment to be a person rather than a productive worker.

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They’ll label you as a non-person if you keep talking like that. Produce! Consume!


The Moovy Bag is like having a mobile office on your back everywhere you go

Sounds like a living nightmare. The office is following me around AND I have to carry it?


Yup. Sounds like Groundhog Day to me.

what good is carrying an office you can’t even fit inside.

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Handy accessories: popup tent, folding table and stool, LED lantern, electric fan, flask of rum, sex toys, etc.

More like a monkey on your back.

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