The most common swear words on Reddit


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cocksucker didn’t make the list? the data is bogus.


The top two, running almost neck and neck, are “fuck” and "shit."

Never saw that coming.


Bollocks to crappy statistics.


actually…now that you mention it…how is Bollocks not on there?!

This entire study is a sham!!!


I can’t believe only 7% of comments contained swearing.


I need to up my game.


holy shite! I didn’t even notice that! How is that even fucking possible?

I mean my posts on BBS alone must push here to 42% at a minimum!



It’s Reddit, not Deadwood.


I think they just gave us a new game to play…


well…I was thinking more…


Oh, I can’t call you Al? Fuck…




The data ARE bogus, you fuckshitdickcuntcockbullshitother. :slight_smile: Cheers!


is “dick” properly disambiguated?


Yet another job my guidance counselor never told me about.


I’m really interested in the “other” category, thou mammering flap-mouthed codpiece.


I’m still hoping “eat Ajit Pai” will catch on.


This only searches for a static list of words. From the python script:


That list doesn’t appear to be sourced from anything authoritative. Not searching for contemporary additions like “cuck” makes this not particularly useful or enlightening. The script will also double-count “bullshit” and “motherfucker” for “shit” and “fuck” respectively.

I’m going to get flagged for this, aren’t I.


If the word cuck was included, it would surely be in the list of most common uses.