The most interesting science news of 2013


Universe might be a hologram: Big Bang Theory, S6-E05.
Once again, life imitates art.

But seriously: custom grown or printed organs.
Personally im looking forward to applications in reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. For example reconstructing lymph nodes that had to be removed.


China and India getting into Thorium power.

NASA admitting that the MIT-orchestrated “debunking” of Pons and Fleishman was itself horribly bad science, committing significant resources to studying low energy nuclear reactions, and publishing a press release in which they hilariously disparaged “Edisonian experimentation” and seemed to be claiming that you have to have a peer-reviewed theory before you can productively make any physical observations. The combination of a long awaited acknowledgement, a serious attempt at real science, and a ridiculous attempt at face-saving was priceless. I saw nothing better in 2013!

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