The most magical little free library is inside a hollowed-out tree stump


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Now that is a Wonderful Thing. :heart:


Hometown…represent :slight_smile:


I’m a sucker for tiny libraries. Just snagged a real keeper from one, No Better Friend, by author Robert Weintraub. You can get it on Amazon paperback for $8. It’s a fantastic story.


left without further comment.


That is so charming!


Love the lighting. We’ve got a few of these up in our neighborhood and are considering putting one up.


Love it! LFLs are a treasure!


gee, i was all excited to hear that i am going to be able to repurpose an old newspaper box for mine, but now i feel like a loser, lol


I think that would be pretty cool. Where did you get an old newspaper box?


well, actually, i’m getting one because a friend’s son is installing them as part of his Eagle Scout project. he was going to look into building them, and some people (including me) suggested newspaper boxes, so he approached local newspapers asking if they had any to donate to his project. all our local boxes were pulled off the streets years ago, so any that were still around were sitting in the newspaper’s storage yard, getting all rusty. he’s going to sand and prime them, and then the people who are getting them can either have him decorate them, or we can do it ourselves.

TLDR: call your local newspaper and ask! they might have some they want to get rid of.


This is as good as a unicorn chaser – I love the creativity people come up with when building them.


I may do that, thanks for the tip.


I kind of wish I could shrink myself down and live in there with all the books. It’s that adorable.



Too bad it’s on private property.


That was lovely. Thanks.


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