LibraryBox: kickstarting the next version of a self-contained wireless library file-server

LibraryBox is a library-oriented version of the PirateBox project – a little, self-contained wireless router with on-board storage that you fill up with freely usable library materials and bring with you so that wherever you go, you can share with the people you meet. Jason Griffey, the librarian who created it, is Kickstarting a version… READ THE REST

I’ve been thinking about Pirate Boxes lately & what an under utilized resource they represent. This Kickstarter looks cool. What a fabulous community art project it could be on top of a great resource for public domain works.

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I’ve been on again off again following the PirateBox development, I could think of lots of uses for it but some people couldn’t get past the word Pirate.
Library is much more respectable. :smiley:

Hoping they decide to pursue the idea of mesh networking for the boxes.
The Great Library of Boxes, offering access to all sorts of things not limited to the space of just 1.

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Now this is what Kickstarter was made for! Open source rules!

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Thanks! There’s a librarian, Matt Neer, at the Lake Forest Library that has been using a LibraryBox for awhile at local art shows, collecting images to use from the artists involved and acting as a community hub for digital art.

Yea. Pirate is a word with too much baggage associated with it. I’d love to see one of these boxes work like a volunteer recruitment/coupon dispenser of sorts. Companies are constantly asking customers to log into their retail store’s wi-fi to get bargains on their phone. Could you imagine a couple of these boxes traveling around the city, secretly offering up deals to people who volunteer in the community? Get five hours of carpentry experience when you volunteer at habitat for humanity, or “good for 1 free hot dog” when you give your day working a food stand at a sporting event for a charity, etc. You could even make it give out one of a kind, downloadable artwork that gets erased from the box once 20 people download it. It could be a treasure hunt of sorts, making people look for the boxes around their city. Etc. Yea. I like the idea of this thing. Good luck with it.

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