The most obscure Nintendo character

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Pappy van Poodle for President.


Seems there’s a sizable contingent out there convinced that Nintendo doesn’t do anything innovative anymore whilst neglecting odd little efforts like this that languish in obscurity.

(But then, Nintendo probably gets boatloads of free press from people writing thinkpieces entitled “Here’s what Nintendo is doing wrong today”.)


I’ve actually played through that whole game and I didn’t remember that character. I guess he just gets mentioned, rather than actually appearing. It is an interesting take on microtransactions, though it makes replaying the game a bit hollow (if you restart the game, you just get any minigame you had for free).

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Nintendo is very innovative, and still are trying all kinds of stuff no one else is. That said there are aspects in what they do that are several generations behind industry standards, mainly their online/console shop and networking features. They’re also very inventive when it comes to re-imagining and re-purposing established characters but they have an unusually high aversion when it comes to taking risks on new IPs.

For me the criticism i give them is because i do believe in what they’re doing, and seeing some of their lack of development in certain areas can be frustrating.


Now I want to start doing in-depth profiles about “forgotten” obscure Nintendo characters… that I made up.


Definitely not the most obscure Nintendo character, but maybe the most recently created very obscure character. Rustys Real Deal Baseball is great btw, definitely worth it if you’re into arcadey minigames.

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