The Moth: the craftwork of unscripted storytelling

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Norm was a genius of the first order! ^____^

Busy Night, by Steve Osbourne, the NYC cop, kinda makes me rethink the whole ACAB thing by reminding me of our shared humanity. I think he’s right, and that it’s good that he can just turn off his emotions like that, then deal with them later in a more healthy way by storytelling rather than drinking heavily or putting a gun to his head, as he describes.


I’m a big fan of storytelling, and I’ve always loved The Moth.

For anyone who is interested in an adult version I cannot recommend Bawdy Storytelling highly enough. The live show, which is the brainchild of the fabulous Dixie De La Tour, just celebrated its 15th anniversary, and the stories are consistently high-quality and compelling. The weekly podcast showcases one story and is a good way to get a feel for Bawdy or enjoy the show if you can’t attend live performances.


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