The mysterious Face on Mars was first spotted in 1959

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A few days later NASA unveiled the image for all to see. The caption noted a “huge rock formation … which resembles a human head … formed by shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth.” The authors reasoned it would be a good way to engage the public and attract attention to Mars.

Yup. It was a common fixture in NASA publications for two decades before the conspiritards noticed it and declared it “The Photo NASA Doesn’t Want You To See!!!”

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The linked blog is a real rabbit-hole of believers in ancient aliens, ufos and all sorts of pseudo-science and pseudo-history.

Still, the Kirby stuff is cool.

…an iconic example of pareidolia or proof of an ancient civilization on the red planet…

Neither. It’s Zardoz.


No, it just proves that Jack Kirby was an alien.

If Jack said there was a face on Mars, then there was one. He’d know.

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