Pareidolia discovered on Mars


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That almost-helmet looks like a lost part from a rover or something.


Pyramids on mars??? We all konw what that means! I’m out of here!



“tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise”:

That’s my family’s gift to the World.


That rover better be careful. Tusken Raiders scare easily, but they will be back, and in greater numbers.


Pareidolia discovered on Mars…again.

How soon we forget.


Hey, I have a book somewhere that explains how the citizens of Tesla’s city on Mars built the Face during the lunar war between the Nazis and the Marconi flyers.

Totally not kidding. My friends give me weird things. I have a collection of psychotic rants found stapled to telephone poles, too.


Who’s forgetting?

It appeared in NASA publications for years, the standard go-to picture when someone needed an interesting picture from Mars. Then one day the conspiritards noticed, and it became The Image NASA Doesn’t Want You To See!!!"


This is quite clearly a guinea pig, not a rat.


Rover: SQUIRREL!!!


Mars needs to save face just like any other planet.


Are you sure about that last one?



Don’t think I’ve ever seen pareidolia. I thought I did a couple of times.




Sure is. Disney even made a documentary about it a couple of years ago.


My second favourite after “Ark in Space”!


You have a pretty good reason to make a thread right there, if you can be arsed scanning them.


The pareidolia is in fact taking place on earth, where these images are being seen and mis-seen, discussed, and whatnot. It’s a terrestrial phenomenon, is what I’m saying.