The naked hypocrisy of Game Of Thrones’ nudity



While my comment was largely meant to be tongue in cheek (which while difficult to portray irony in an online environment, I would like to hope the rational amongst us grasped that), a concern of mine is that there is a increasing trend on the internet, wherein I cannot seem to go a day reading about ‘geek culture’ news without having to sift through an arguably forced social issue presented either as an editorial or even simply a social media comment, the latter of which has only been precipitated by the inclusion of a comments section on every damn web site (I’m aware of the hypocrisy for me to say that, since I just used this web site’s comments do essentially do the same). In terms of comments made, I find the trend is that people are very quick to do one of two different yet equally disappointing things: Either make comments attempting to demonstrate their social moral superiority, or make comments to aggressively hate on something other people enjoy.

Personally I think this behavior trend is a pretty interesting topic. Is it a new thing sparked by the internet age, or did the internet age just help people’s basic desire to “be the one who is right”. Either way, I’ve grown exhausted with people bringing me ‘problems’ without offering ‘solutions’. I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to be someone who sees social issues everywhere and needs to comment about it.

As for the bad person thing, (and with possibly valid points regarding the use of women in the show aside) the article does suggest that its creators to appeal to perverts, implying men are perverts for being attracted to something dictated by a few million years of evolutionary psychology.


I get the impression that you wouldn’t be all that bothered if there was loads more male nudity in it either, though (to be honest, I’m not seeing anyone in this thread objecting to nudity per se).

As a occasional viewer of GoT mostly because I’m lazy and it’s on next to with the other stuff I like on HBO, the nudity does feel really quite gratuitous. I don’t pay much attention to it, I couldn’t even hazard a guess for the male/female ratio, but I think Caroline’s presented a well-developed argument as to what she doesn’t like about it. To me it feels like they have a tick-box for each episode which says ‘nude scene’.

As far as violence goes, yeah, criticise that too. In general, I do find the US really odd in that violence in the media seems to be much more acceptable than sex, or heavens-to-betsy, swearing. I’d rather hang out with people that are sex-positive than violence-positive, certainly.

I’d be happy if they cut out all the nudity and all the violence, and just kept the talking. I’m pretty much burned out on spectacle. As a fantasy example, the battle/action sequences of Jackson’s LoTR (and even more so, the Hobbit) were all the most boring bits, overdrawn and dull. I just switch off during them.


Body shaving in the old days was a way to control body lice, while the hair on the head was oiled. But GoT has not heard of any mention of crab lice or STDs.

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Welcome to BB. We’ve been waiting for you.

You know, you CAN like something, and understand the problems with it. I love GOT, even as I understand that there is some sexism in the show’s depiction of women. Liking GOT doesn’t make you a bad person, even disagreeing with the point of the article doesn’t make you a bad person. Basically, what @daneel said.

So because men “evolved” to be sexually attracted to women, we shouldn’t point out the power dynamics involved in that and how it tends to lead to women being treated as objects? That being said, one thing I think that books and generally speaking, the show, gets right, is the interesting women we are presented with. It’s not that all the women are perfect, strong, heroic, and awesome, but that they are human beings, with flaws and complexity, just like men. That’s something that is often lacking in literature/genre fiction, historically speaking.

Why is it forced if some fans of the show want to talk about that aspect of it? You can always avoid those discussions or explain why you think the author is wrong or what they are missing, and do so in a way that acknowledges the views of the individual. Why does your discomfort mean you get to try and shut down the discussion for those of us who find it valuable?


You’re slightly missing the point here.

The problem is that your Hint #2 is being gleefully indulged, and even pushed on the director, while Hint #3 is dealt with very rarely, and reluctantly, and only with male characters who are fully developed.

Naked women with no characterisation are used frequently as set decoration. Naked men are used very rarely, with little lingering of the camera, and never a no-character who’s only set decoration.

See the sexism there?

I have no problem with boobies everywhere, if naked male torsos are also everywhere.

I have no problem with pussy everywhere, as long as dicks are also everywhere.

But by constantly doing one, and not the other… this show is saying that my tastes are important and must be pandered to, but my girlfriend’s are not.


I mean, you’re still posting here, so clearly.


It’s been almost a decade now.

No, but it will sell a few more copies, so, money.


Is there a big unmet demand for naked men? I keep asking this.

They’d also sell a few more copies if they offered them for download on the internet, so clearly there are some standards there…


Yes, along with old fat people.

I’m starting to think this is more on how this show treats nudity as porn and not as a nude beach.

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Yeah Rob,
Thanks for the pretentious and unwarranted attack! I’ll be sure to see after my education like you say so I can use the “'cuz patriarchy” argument for whenever it suites me.

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Well, women in U.S. culture haven’t been trained to objectify men nearly as much as both men and women have been trained to objectify women. So the demand for naked men is presumably less than it is for naked women.

Still, I have no doubt that a lot of heterosexual women who watch the show would be pleased by watching more naked men alongside and among the naked women. It might even be “a big unmet demand.”


Frankly, I’m surprised more straight dudes aren’t annoyed at being catered to in such a patronizing way.

I’m pretty annoyed, trust me. Even without opening the gross patriarchal baggage of women being used as sexual props, the concept of titilation in this show has become like the word “fuck”. One person screaming it in public may be shocking, but a room full of people repeating it over and over is a crass yet boring drone… pretty much what female nudity in Game of Thrones has been.


Come on, you can do better. Don’t be a prop.


I think lots of gay men will happily demand more dong on TV, to be fair. That’s one big difference between show and books, lots more actually gay sex, instead of implied.


Male and female full frontal nudity are not comparable. The former displays primary genitalia, the latter does not. How many times have we seen actual vaginas on GOT? Zero. Compared to quite a few dicks. You could make the argument that this double standard displays society’s shaming of female genitalia. Cue the outraged feminists demanding more Vag on GOT!