The Neutron Dance, Pointer Sisters


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There must be some Disneyanna archivist that can share the Main Street Electrical Parade music with us. Or a Main Street Electrical Parade mashup with the stretching portraits from haunted Mansion.

I remember watching this live on tv in 1985! I was 13 years old and had just returned from my first visit to the Magic Kingdom, so when this special came on I was entranced by it. Also, this song was a hit at the time because of its use in the movie Beverly Hills Cop.

Are those background dancers clad in neuTRON costumes?

Indeed. I am now convinced we’ve had the main lyric wrong all these years and the Pointer Sisters we just overly excited about a second TRON by exclaiming their love for the New TRON


Duck Tales. Woo ooo.

Edit: Yessssss. Bumblebee, Turtle and Dragon.

If you’re not worried about your workday being terminated by global thermonuclear war, you just haven’t been paying much attention to world events. Wake up!

I am far more worried about one of my friends being arrested for wandering outside a First Amendment Area.

Wandering around outside? Somebody left it unchained again! Thanks for the heads-up.

and SNAIL!!!

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It’s got nothin’ on my favorite bit of Pointer Sisters goodness:


Holy hell, I had no idea the Pointer Sisters sang this. I remember this one, but can’t for the life of me remember if it was on Sesame Street or Electric Company.

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Sesame Street. :smile:

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