The new bipartisan Senate Intelligence report on Russia's election meddling is utterly damning, and utterly meaningless

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Even if they read it clearly, it won’t matter. As I said elsewhere, Republicans will, at this point, thank Putin for his help in defeating what they consider to be evil, from the lowest of the grass roots, right up to the capital itself.

They don’t consider it treason, they consider it foreign aid in putting down a revolution.


Imagine being a Republican Senator who was willing to put their name on that report and yet unwilling to even consider the evidence for Trump’s impeachment and removal.


The GOP got their 2 SCOTUS picks and so MANY other federal judges, donny smallhands was just their useful idiot and now President Biden will be left to clean up the mess. It’s going to be a LOOOOOOONG decade.


The Conservative line on this is how the report is proof that Russia was/is colluding with crooked Democrats to discredit Trump and how it exonerates all members of the administration. No, you don’t need to read it, the experts already have and will tell you what is in it. You can forget about it in a week.

But honestly, the report is over 1,000 pages long, there’s no chance your average Fox News viewer is even going to read the executive summary.



Read? But they’re watching Fox News…


Representative democracies rely on politicians doing what they think is best for the country above their party and above their own re-election chances, and the media reporting honestly on the facts.

When you have a partisan media source of great influence who will find dishonest ways to support their side no matter what, then politicians no longer have to worry about facts or doing a good job or caring about results.

What we saw 40+ years ago during the Watergate hearings, where politicians of both sides were astonished and disgusted at what the President and his men were up to, that is long gone. Instead we have the GOP constantly saying “nothing to see here” and telling us the facts are not what they appear to be. “Sure, Manafort was in contact with Kliminick and they were sharing campaign data, but that’s not collusion, no big deal!”

If the system still works then the GOP will lose the White House and lose many members of congress, and hopefully the new administration will conduct an audit to expose everything Trump and his cronies did. I would like to see Biden give a televised speech detailing every case of Trump or his underlings lining their own pockets, breaking rules like using personal emails, or abusing power for petty grievances (etc.)


Imagine it? Why? It’s business as usual for those overt and deliberate fuckwits.

That speech would be months long. He needs to delegate it and get on with fixing things. Hopefully with a series of ‘ratchet’ measures.


The Ronald Reagan, “I don’t recall” gambit works every time. Use it early. Use it often no matter who confronts you with the truth be they police, judges, spouse… Human nature’s confirmation balm brought to you by the GOP since 1980.

This is where the eminently qualified Kamala Harris can help out tremendously in working with Congress (hopefully all Dem in January) to set up whatever number and types of commissions to dig thoroughly into Trumpist federal judges (my understanding is that perjury is grounds for ousting such judges); emolument violations; etc, while Biden and his Cabinet can focus on covid and the economy.


As long as people make sure Trump knows that Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio referred Don Jr. for criminal prosecution. I look forward to them being radical leftists.


Yes. I understand why Ford pardoned Nixon, but we can’t always have every new president pretend past corruption should be ignored and forgotten.


Man, we’ve all known for some time how goddamn useless Mueller was, but holy shit this puts it in perspective. What’s a comparable delta for how high the country’s hopes were for someone to save the day vs how badly they shit the bed?


Mueller did his job adequately. It was never his job to save us, that was the job of the House and Senate.


My only issue with the Mueller team was that they should have indicted. Nothing in law or Constitution said they couldn’t.


Yes. I agree, although I’m not sure where in my post I implied in any way that Biden should “pretend past corruption should be ignored and forgotten”.

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I would be perfectly happy if the next 8 years is spent jailing people and ruining lives permanently for what was gotten away with in the last 4.

Throw these bastards into the fire, feed their faces into a legal woodchipper vented over a volcano. I want this entire method of governing shredded and eviscerated for all time, as punitively as possible.

Jail the orange one, for anything he can legally be jailed for- and sue him and his family into oblivion. I want his fucking ancestors poor in 300 years, spitting on his goddamn grave in disgrace they were ever related to him.

Bury every one of these corrupt fuckers in lawsuits and jail time, and make history remember and teach this administration as the crooks and traitors they all are.


Well, that’s the problem right there…


“So, uh, we’ve now conclusively shown that the Russians actively attempted to interfere with US elections, using a complex network of influence operations on social media directed by at least two Russian state intelligence agencies, with the goal of misinforming and directing the opinions of possibly thirty or forty thousand voters who saw their posts.”

“Heinous. This will not stand!”

“And over here, we have this thing called Fox News which, supported by Sinclair Broadcasting, Clear Channel, and a few other smaller operators, spent about thirty years turning an entire generation of your parents into drooling zombies, permanently frothing with barely-suppressed anger over a million imaginary threats to their way of life, and essentially primed to believe any kind of counterfactual bullshit whatever, from birtherism to QAnon to anti-vax to you name it, all in the service of a handful of billionaires who are anxious that even a hint of actual democracy might interfere with their god-given right to rape the planet in the name of profit as rapidly and comprehensively as possible. Amounting, if you choose to see it that way, to an undeclared political donation in the form of free advertising worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars to the campaign of Donald Trump and other right-wing candidates.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s all very interesting, but can we get back to the Russians? Forty thousand voters, I believe you said?”

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