The new "Cosmos" is getting great reviews

You can be forgiven for thinking that because there is a clear editorial point of view it continually promotes, it (Fox) drinks its own kool aid and believes anything it says.

The commercials are the real tip off on what they believe.

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I enjoyed it quite a bit. Nothing in the show was new to me informationally, other than maybe the bit about tidal forces pushing the Moon away from the Earth, which I will look more into because it sounded neat. And yeah, the production was a bit over-the-top. But what did I love?

Well, I loved the fact that there were probably some kids in America watching the show, who had grown up in some pretty “closed” households when it comes to science education, who had their minds blown. Some 10 year old somewhere had a “holy shit” moment watching this. THAT’S why I dug it.

I imagine that future episodes will obviously delve into more details. This had to be the “universe primer” episode. It’s job was to set the scale of what the series will be exploring, and I think it did that quite well.

I also really do like NDT’s verbal (and nonverbal) communication style. He loves this stuff, and that radiates. I think that warmth when describing this is key. That was part of what Sagan did. He connected people to the WOW of science and cosmology. Dare I say, it can be a spiritual experience, to put one’s self in relation to the scale of the universe, no matter what you believe about god, life after death, etc. It is humbling and awesome in its own right.

And finally, man, they REALLY put some digs into “conservative Christianity,” didn’t they? “Your God is too small!” Hahahah loved it!


I thought the animation was pretty good at describing the history behind the concept of the cosmos. MUCH better than cheesy actors a la The History Channel.

And I’m not sure how you can even compare Sagan and DeGrasse Tyson. They’re clearly two very different kinds of scientists.

You seem overly pessimistic about the show. Too bad you couldn’t just relax and enjoy the simple beauty of its message.


Still it is exposure and if it can get people to look then it is /something/, and I’m grateful for that something rather than ament at what could be done better. Like I said it isn’t for ‘us’. It’s for those that need to have that spark that will clue them inthat this ‘Science’ stuff is worth looking at.

Edit: as for the God question. I remember first hearing about a theoreticlly infinite universe and going ‘well yea. God is infinite. How can His creation not be?’


We made it a point to watch it last night. It was great. I loved the nods to Sagan through out.

When he did the part where he gives out cosmic address, my daughter, right on cue said, “I feel really small”… :slight_smile:


Funny. At the end of that I feel large. I might be this tiny mote of dust cosmicly speaking, but a gear or bearing is only a small part of a watch or engine. It’s only when confronted by things like politics or other man made systems that I feel small. Against the backdrop of Nature I feel grand.


Yeah, I think she had that sense later on, but it was that one part, describing the size and scale that made her feel like that… I think the part at the end, with the cosmic calendar is a really interesting way to see how far we’ve come, historically speaking, just within that last second of cosmic time, we’ve done all we’ve done.

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That’s true of much of how history is viewed in popular culture. It also down plays how other cosmologies at the time contributed to Bruno’s interpretation of the universe.

But I kind of dug the animation style they used to tell the Bruno story…

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I can’t answer for willy, but I would argue that maybe the comparison springs naturally to mind when you take Sagan’s work and “reboot” it?

As for being unable to enjoy the new show, why should you expect anyone to enjoy it when they could instead watch the original series and watch that?

I just don’t understand why this needed to be made. It’s not as good as the original, and it does no service to the original. It is just riding on the coattails of Sagan’s brilliance, dedication, and hard work, profiting off his good name and reputation. They literally could have just rebroadcast the original instead, and it’d be a vast improvement.

Tell her that coincidentally, humans fall really close to the midway point between the smallest scales we know about (Planck Length) and largest (observable universe), and isn’t it pretty cool that we’re in the middle and can look both down and up and understand our placement relative to things in both directions?

If you haven’t seen it/shown her it, check this out:


You nee a reboot because the original isn’tgoing to grab the new generation as it’s tainted by us old farts. Give them something of their own and be happy for it instead of going on at how based off of a single episode you’ve judged the new to be inferrior.



No, see, if something is “new”, it has no reason to latch onto something old.

You don’t make up an original fantasy action martial arts movie and then call it 47 Ronin when it has essentially nothing to do with the original story.

Likewise you don’t make “FOX Presents Science Time with Niel Degrasse Tyson”, and then call it Cosmos when it has essentially nothing to do with Carl Sagan’s work.

When a supposedly “new” thing clings to the reputation of another earlier successful work, it’s typically because it isn’t good enough to stand on its own. So no, I won’t “give them something of their own”, because they haven’t made anything of their own - they stole the idea and name, then failed to live up to either. They chose the bar they would be measured against, then didn’t manage to reach that lofty height.

So no, they don’t get any more chances, and you don’t get to tell me off for being disappointed in their skullduggery.

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The reality is, you’re not the only viewer, so they get plenty more chances with the other viewers, both ones who saw the first episode, and ones who will find the new series later on. And you’re right, everyone can have their own opinion. I think it’s a worthy Cosmos reboot, so do others, and we have the right to that opinion as well.


The new “Cosmos” is getting great stellar reviews



I liked it. Remember, the first episode of the original was a more a ‘table of contents’ and introduction to the series; with topics being expanded on in other episode.

Also remember for us older folks; this show isn’t really for us. Just as the we, as children, enjoyed the original show and still love it today—this show is to introduce the same sense of wonder about science in young people as the original did for our younger selves.

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You sure your opinion on the reboot isn’t more than a little biased? I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion, but man is it crotchety! I thought the new episode was really great! animations and all. The only way they could have made it better is Carl Sagan, but he’s dead. And well I very much respect the man, there’s no point exalting him to the point where no man today could be considered a succesor. Neil did a great job in his own right. Also, you don’t think there are some important discoveries in the past few decades to address?


I would also like to say that the show is also great for us ‘older folks’ (granted I’m 31, i’m not sure what you guys are considering as ‘older’). But this isn’t just a kids show. Watching the sequence about our place in the universe, I didn’t necessarily learn anything new. But that didn’t prevent me from be hit with a sense of awe all over again.


Maybe he can’t get OTA due the locations? My parents can’t because of the rural mountains.

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ATSC reception can certainly be finicky, and it tends to be all-or-nothing, and you’re much less likely to get an ATSC broadcast at all, for a channel that was “borderline” back in those old-fashioned analog OTA broadcast days of yore.

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Why did it have to be on a Murdoch channel, Mr Degrasse-Tyson? Dammit. Y’all got torrent? jklol

For a couple of years I’ve considered Brian Cox as the heir of Mr Sagan, his BBC show (which runs sporadically on The Science Channel) has a different theme each of its’ three seasons: Wonders Of The Solar System, Wonders Of The Universe and Wonders Of Life. Mr Cox goes deep and eloquent while respecting the audience intelligence, no apocalyptic narratives with meteorites hitting New York, thank you Mr Cox.