Battlestar Galactica: the search for Universals' Sci-Fi film franchise

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And I’m pissed about autocorrect swapping Daggett to Dagger, I’ve fixed it but the BBS will take time to update. I must have changed it back 10x.


My prediction? Strong start, weak second season, a quick-and-forgotten death when it is trampled by the other larger, stronger franchises.

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I was intrigued by the flying motorcycle picture and found this cool link about the prop build. They are Yamaha MX 175 bikes.


[quote=“jlw, post:1, topic:73589”]The series, and its subsequent spin off Caprica, offered too much Carlos Castenada and far too little desperate survivors trying not to die in space.[/quote]You forgot Blood and Chrome … much like everyone else did.

After that complete non-starter, I have no confidence in anything else that might emerge.


I’m sort of confused by this. While the original property has had a cult following over the years, it was often treated as a joke or something people were fond of despite (or because) it wasn’t very good. The popularity of the rebooted series had little to do with fondness for the original. Something evidenced by its huge cross over success, particularly among people who weren’t even aware of the original. Either because they weren’t into sci-fi. Or in the case of most of my peers, they weren’t alive for (or old enough to be cognizant of) any of the original material.

Basically what I’m saying is the vast majority of familiarity with, and fondness for the property these days is tied directly to the recent reboot series. So I can’t quite wrap my head around Universal’s insistence on a movie series. They originally started pitching one while the Sci-Fi show was still on the air. But weirdly it was always to be completely unrelated. A parallel reboot of sorts. It seems ill conceived. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone clamoring for more Galactica that often. And when I did (at least a few years since that’s happened) it was always for more of the 2004 series. Something that didn’t work out too well when they actually gave us follow ons.


Here’s the proposed plot:

Liam Neeson pummels an equine carcass with a baseball bat for two and a half hours.

There will also be a special “director’s cut” that will be exactly the same but released under the titles “Lost In Space”, “Space 1999”, “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”, “Alien Nation”, and “My Mother The Car”.


They did the Buck Rogers show as well. Why not bring that one back? That has better space opera appeal than Mormons In Spaaaaaace!


Forget BSG, Where’s my Babylon 5 reboot?


I say they hire some necromancers to bring back Freddy Mercury for a Flash Gordon remake!


I’m just still wondering how the reboot went from “they have a plan” to “they have absolutely nothing resembling a plan, but they really want to kill those humans” to “God orchestrated the whole thing”.

It started out so well…


And in the very last episode when the camera blacks out on Tony, and we all realize the island is purgatory and everybody died in the plane crash, your just all like HOLY SHIT MAN. Seems like a lot of great shows get away from themselves and the writers sort of just say fuck it at the end.


My Favorite Martian


That was that web series? I think I watched that.

I think I mentioned before that I bounced right off the Galactica reboot. I’ve been told I dismissed it too quickly by enough people that I should try again.

I’m only watching these films if they find a role for Barry Van Dyke, though. Galactica 1980 FTW!



The web series from this story era was apart of the Razor special. Blood and Chrome was another adventure of young Adama on a special mission that was a standalone made for tv film.

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Loved the reboot, hatred the original miniseries and subsequent series. It came on the heels of Star Wars and it looked so junior varsity at the time.

Also loved the Portlandia episode!


Yeah but there’s very little indication that this would get them any more money. Most attempts to expand of the recent TV show’s success failed , and it isn’t as if Battle Star is still a huge thing selling tons of merchandise. They’re basically saying “Hey we’re going to remake that thing you didn’t like, because we managed to remake it into something you did like but didn’t want any more of. But we’re going to base it on the parts you didn’t like, instead of the parts you did like but didn’t want any more of”.

I actually liked BSG - except for the last episode. And I was REALLY enjoying Caprica. Had that continued, we might have found out exactly what “the plan” was!


six seasons and a movie!


WOW, that was so good. i had forgotten all about it, and i’ve been a BSG fan since the 70s. i was against the reboot, but once i saw it i became a huge fan of that, too – even through the ending. as for a movie… hmm. i’ll be in the “cautiously optimistic” camp, right over there…