The new president of the NRA is Oliver North


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A corrupt arms dealer. Geez. Anyone else think the writers have started to give up this season?


I think there’s only one way to read this exhumation:

Suck on THAT, stupid libruls!!


He’s tried to write books too, drawing on his military past and political affiliations but they’re SO BAD



Because of course he is.


Even Nancy Reagan called him a lying turd.


Yeah, who didn’t see that coming?


He stands for the NRA’s core values: jeopardizing Americans’ safety, illegally selling weapons, and treasonous dealings with foreign countries.


So are we going to repaint Iran-Contra as a bold strike for 4th amendment rights in the middle East? It seems tricky when Iran is supposed to be double-evil at this point; but I suppose that consistency is for liberal nerds.


Well, look at it this way.

At least they didn’t pick anyone who is competent at misleading people and concealing treasonous foreign dealings.


You are a brave man for reading them for us.


As a self-fulfilling prophecy it fits: only bad guys will have guns.


A corrupt arms dealer who sold weapons to terrorists, in an effort to undermine a democracy. The NRA has become a left-wing parody of the NRA.

I swear, the right-wing trolls who say, “We’re only becoming the things you accused us of being” may have a point. The NRA: “Oh, you think we’re anti-democratic, corrupt partisan thugs selling weapons to terrorists? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”


They’re just taking the piss now, right?

What’s his actual role at the NRA? Is it mostly ornamental, or will he actually have to do stuff?


I’m sure he’ll end up getting up there and saying a bunch of stupid, circular, anti-logic. They all do.


I suppose if he had been illegally selling medicine to Iran and using the proceeds to build houses for the poor in Mexico he would be a horrible, evil person, BUT he was selling weapons, and using that money to help buy more weapons, so it’s all good.


It feels like we’re seeing a major consolidation of Evil, which in some ways is maybe a good thing? I mean, in the past you had to worry separately about misogynists and religious fanatics and plutocrats and trolls and nazis and warmongers, but increasingly they are all part of a single, formal org chart. The way things are going, if you just sealed the 2020 Republican convention in a concrete sarcophagus, the rest of America would have very few problems left.


Well, if he steals enough from the NRA, maybe they’ll go broke.


Maybe he’ll sell all the guns to Iran.