The new Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse trailer is finally here.

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Loved the first one, but this didn’t get me excited about the sequel. Hopefully it’s just a bad trailer.


Spider-Man: Enter The Spider-Verse was a fantastic, breath of fresh air in animation. Something truly different and interesting!

This trailer doesn’t really show off what to expect for this movie, but as long as they keep the quality up I am here for it!


Maybe part if it is the fact that, regardless of how good and innovative the 2018 film was, we’ve since had a ton of multiverse movies and TV shows come out in rapid succession so the basic concept certainly doesn’t feel as fresh at this point. And even the creative mix of animation styles has been copied to some extent by shows such as Arcane.


Hmm. On the one hand, I’m totally game for more Gwen/Miles story. I’m excited for it. On the other hand, I got sort of a Citadel of Ricks vibe from the trailer, which made it hard to take a multiverse+MOAR multiverse story seriously. Still going to watch it as soon as I can. Hope it nails it like the first movie did.

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:notes: Spider-Men, we’re at it again. This time with 50% more Spider-Men! Oooh yeah. Not quite a bug. Not quite a man. How do I break out from this Spider-Man clan?:notes:


Ooh, Spiderman 2099. Is he the baddie?


Sony is very bad at naming their Spider-Man movies in a way that makes it very difficult to differentiate them from one another. The “Home” trilogy was surely an idea someone in marketing thought was very clever, but now makes it really hard to remember which one is Far From Home/No Way Home/Homecoming without having to think about it.

And now they’re making the same mistake again only worse. Most people already shorthand the name of the first one to Spider-verse, so this new one will now be called… also Spider-verse? And using the full title doesn’t help, since half the time people get the title wrong anyway (including @dnealy in this very article, it’s “Into” not “Enter”). Changing one preposition in the title doesn’t allay confusion, it just causes more.

Why can’t they just stop trying to be clever and call it Spider-Man: Spider-verse 2?

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Into the Spiderverse is my second fav MCU movie, after Black Panther.

Hopefully the sequel is good.

He should be, but who knows?


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