Watch the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" teaser trailer

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Doc Ock was one of the few great things about Spidey 2


I still need to see the previous movie. If they are multi-versing it and bringing the Sam Rami villains into it, I am all for it. Both Doc Oc and Green Goblin were great in those films.


They Irishmanned the shit out of Molina. Still love him, hope he got a huge payday on this one.


Yeah, that makes me think and/or hope that any multiverse-related cameos aren’t central to the movie. If it’s sparing, like in the Ant-Mans, I can get past it, but if the whole thing pivots on wrong-looking characters that would be distracting. There’s also that hint that it could involve a de-aged Defoe, and how would you even do that with someone so craggy?


Good to see Molina back. Doc Oc was the best of the spidey villains in all the movies, and Molina played him perfectly. The rest of the trailer was meh… and I won’t rush out to see it unless we’ve beat back covid by then (not holding my breath, and certainly won’t go opening weekend regardless).


It looks like a good adaptation of One More Day


Compared to the spooky, dignified Dr. Strange of the comics, he’s really quite a fuckup in the movies. “We know frighteningly little about the multiverse…we tampered with the stability of space-time, …but hey, YOLO right?”


“the spooky, dignified Dr. Strange of the comics”

I’m afraid my first exposure to the comics Dr. Strange was the 2004 Straczynski run, where Dr. Strange is not allowed to have any dignity at all. This seems perfectly in-line with the evolution of that version of the character as presented since then.
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Who’s on team “Peter has to watch his friends and family repeatedly die in the multiverse to become a better hero before returning to his own timeline?”


I foolishly thought I could watch a “teaser” that wouldn’t spoil the whole damn plot.


True, these characters have all been around 50 years+ now and have gone through a lot of changes, so the movies can pick and choose which depiction suits the plot.

I’m still having a tough time getting used to wisecracking Thor though


This is a huge peeve with me. “Teaser”s are not three minutes long. They are 30 seconds, 15 seconds. Anything over a minute is a Preview…a Coming Attraction…a Trailer.


Personally Thor Ragnarok was my favorite Thor movie by far and possibly my favorite MCU movie, mostly because it wasn’t afraid to embrace the silliness of the source material along with the epic hero stuff.

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I still fondly remember 1980, when, right up until opening day of The Empire Strikes Back, no one knew what Yoda looked like, or even who he was.

Those were the days.


It’s at least equal parts OMD as OMIT, since the latter is distinctly about him involving Dr. Strange and having an MJ exception.

So this is real? Once I began watching I started to think it was some elaborate fan-created CGI mashup. Guess it’s not, but the acting and FX are so generic that it still looks like one.

no that’s just peter living up to the legacy that tony left him.

every iron man movie, and pretty much all the avengers ones were cleaning up a mess that tony made. spiderman’s got some catching up to do.


“spider-man”, sorry. and “space-time” or “spacetime”? hmmm.