Watch the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" teaser trailer

The storylines this latest line of MCU stuff is covering are getting increasingly interesting. The story and ultimate fallout of Loki was essentially that we have an entire multiverse now. What If? is exploring a bunch of different stops in that multiverse and this latest Spider-Man flick is also dropping the protagonist into that same multiverse. It’ll be interesting to see how much or little this all plays into the other upcoming MCU works.

Poorly. See: Aquaman (2018)


Not looking forward to the Multiverse stuff that Marvel has lined up.

Inception but on drugs, anything is possible with CGI - but characters still speak the same language and breath air. And there are cars and gravity. Sloppy writing, nothing needs to make sense.

Got through 2 minutes of the What If? with Black Panther and lost interest.

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Really? Alternate timeline Thanos didn’t do it for you? And you didn’t have the patience to watch Chadwick Boseman’s final performance? Well, YMMV, I guess.


The little background details were fun too, like how T’Challa/Starlord’s spaceship was called the Mandela instead of the Milano. Nelson Mandela still would have been in prison at the time T’Challa left Earth but it’s nice to know that he was recognized as a heroic figure by the people of Wakanda.


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