Tom Hardy caught a real nasty bug in the latest trailer for Venom

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Is that atrocious accent one of the symptoms?


Too bad they couldn’t have hired Pharma Bro to play the evil director/executive guy. Whatever happens to him at the end would have the audience on their feet cheering.


I like the overall tone of it so far in these first 3 trailers. What this trailer shows is we are getting the very tired story line wherein
Step 1: Reluctant hero accidentally receives powers
Step 2: Evil bad guy realizes he gave hero powers
Step 3: Reluctant hero learns guard rails of new powers
Step 4: Evil bad guy duplicates process and gets evil powers of his own
Step 5: they fight

This has played out too much now in super hero films, and their comic book version origin stories were not this straight forward. I get needing to simplify it for a 2.5 hr movie; but come on it is getting a bit lazy. The best recent incarnations were Black panther because Michael B Jordan really chewed up the screen and Spider Man Homecoming because Michael Keaton’s Vulture was incredible unique, not like Spidey whatsoever, and because Keaton is amazing himself.


Well it’s plenty violent, so that’s nice.


Supposedly, Venom bites some head(s) and limb(s) off at various points. Which does remain accurate to the comics at least.


Maybe the unintelligible accent is due to bones stuck in his throat.




This looks good. Hopefully it’s absolutely loaded with black humour, as venom stories should be.

So have they completely removed Spiderman from Venom’s origin story? That’s bizarre.

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Not really. It makes total sense as the true origin is Spidey finding the symbiote in the Secret Wars. There is really no way to do that origin in film.

Additionally, there was a Spiderman flick by Sony with Tobey Mcguire that featured a revised version of the symbiote coming to Spidey first and then following the standard storyline of Spidey rejecting it and the symbiote and Brock joining forces because of their hatred of Spiderman/Peter Parker…it’s been done, and not very well at that.

It makes a lot more sense to do something net new and fresh in this regard than to attempt something that cannot work (Secret Wars) or re-do something that was awful to begin with (Spiderman 3).


Yeah, instead we’re getting now a second major villain (first was Thanos) that seems to have some motivation that looks like someone was intentionally trying to paint anyone with a pro-environment agenda as being a crazy extremist. The first I just wrote off as bad scriptwriting, the second now, though, suggests someone pulling strings at Marvel executive levels.

Seeing this trailer drives home a thing my roommate will tend to shout at the start of a film that has a Sony logo. “Well! There’s your problem!”

Looking at this trailer I think Sony’s track record for horrible films is going to stand.


Agreed. It’s like making a movie about Bizarro that, for reasons related to licensing rights, can make no reference of any kind to Superman. A character who is more or less defined by his relationship to the hero.

I know Venom’s origin is extraterrestrial but his appearance, powers and even his name are all basically built around the premise “what if Spider-Man but alien and evil?”

I still have high hopes for Sony’s Reverse-Flash in 2020 though.


This one isn’t being done by the Marvel cinematic folks, though, but Sony. While they’ve been leaning towards each other with Spider-Man, this is handled by different people, all the way up to the top.

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Convenience store scene.

“…like a turd in the wind.”

Is that what he said? I honestly can’t tell.

I’m on the fence about it… I do love Tom Hardy, though.


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I’m only familiar with Venom from hardcore gay superhero cartoons (which, unsurprisingly, is its own thing).,

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