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I’m in. Curious to see what Lana does on her own. The Wachowskis are hit and miss, but their stuff is ALWAYS interesting.


I’ll see it. Hopefully everyone’s learned their lessons from the two sequels which were utterly pointless, and the Animatrix which was essential.

Honestly, The Matrix was one of those movies where I walked out of the theater and didn’t WANT to know what happened next - I wanted to know “How did we get here?” and the 2 sequels did nothing to scratch that itch.


Sequels? What sequels?


No Fishburne makes me sad but if there’s some cleverness at play I’ll get over it quickly.

Yeah, the first movie is a perfect movie, IMO.

or perhaps some sort of multiversal knot

I mean, wouldn’t it make sense there were multiple Matrixeses" Like in WoW, you don’t have everyone playing on the same server. Each country or region could be on its own version of the Matrix.

Anyway - visuals look great. I hope Lana etal goes back to what made the first one so great.

And I hope it has some great electronica. I already had Propellerheads decksanddromsandrockandrolll, and geeked out when Spybreak was used in one of the greatest shoot out scenes ever.


That seems really suspect. The only explanation I can think of for not even talking to Fishburne (even if only to say “we love you but we’re doing a new thing where it wouldn’t make sense for you to reprise the role”) is that there was some secret beef between him and Lana Wachowski. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be an anti-trans bigot or something.


Yeah, it’s another Revolutions

I’ve gone from thinking I will just avoid this completely to thinking my expectations are so low that I might enjoy the film. Not sure I will feel like sitting in a theater quite yet by christmas, but maybe?

It is scheduled to open on 12/22/21,

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