The new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite got my kid to take a bath


Doesn’t this make it more slippery/harder to hold when it gets wet?


2 meters? That doesn’t even let me read in the deep end of the nearby pool … let alone taking in a few pages while drifting along neutrally bouyant at the recreational limit on a sheer 600m wall in the Coral Sea. Talk about missing your demographic.


i didn’t know they’d added a queens diner


You should post that review on Amazon! I think would get a lot of laughs. :grin:


In case anyone is wondering, Kobo’s forma, Aura One, Aura H2O and Forma eBook readers are also waterproof and they don’t lock you into a single content store.


You can dive to 40 meters and read for 8 minutes. If you read for 10 minutes, you’ll get an additional time to read at 5 meters for 5 minutes.

However, if you read for 25 minutes at 40 meters, you can extend that additional decompression stop to 10 minutes.

Sadly I’ve forgotten most of what I used to know about dive tables..


Computers are so much more useful. The old tables are pretty silly now, but fun.



Love this informative article I am presently reading The Diary of Poppy Parker on Kindle excellent way to read books


I was wondering the same thing and then read a review that said that the new Kindle will do all manner of wacky things (flip pages, change font sizes, etc.) if it actually gets wet/splashed. Amazon says it’s not meant to be read in the water… so, it’s just “safe” if it gets wet? Until I read a report of someone that actually used a Kindle Oasis in the bath or jacuzzi or some other place where the screen comes in contact with a considerable amount of wetness, I wouldn’t buy one for that purpose.


I will post an update within 1-2 weeks for you and other folks here and let you know how it goes! It arrives tomorrow.

Regretting all the Apple iBooks I’ve bought, is there a converter app I wonder… Anyone know? Now that would be dope!


Calibre. I’ve used it for a few books. Works great!


You rock! I will give it a shot! Thank you kindly! :pray:


To continue the digression, when I took my technical/deep diving course, on one dive we went to 57m. At that depth, you have a really high chance of cognitive impairment owing to nitrogen narcosis. When we first arrived at the bottom, I remember looking at my dive computer to see how much time I was allowed to stay. “10 min.” Great, let’s have a look around. Then I looked at my computer again, “13 min.” Awesome, I must have ascended a bit and bought myself some extra bottom time. Next check, “15 min”. This kept on until at “18 min” I finally realized that I was watching the elapsed time. Beneath that was a flashing “0 min” indicating that I should be ascending. Narcosis had totally screwed up my thought processes. I ended up hanging out on the decompression bar for close to a hour expelling the accumulated nitrogen.


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