The new world of packaging design: green, communicative, tailored

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May I ask what that cover image is? It looks cool.

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It’s called Gogol Mogol. Apparently it’s a way of packaging individual eggs that also heats and cooks them when it’s immersed in water.

I’m not sure if it is a genuine product or a concept, but I can’t see how it is greener (apart from literally) than a cardboard eggbox and a reusable pan.

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I was more interested in the champagne potato packaging. So I Google Fu’ed and here it is:

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Greener or no, that’s some sloppy UV mapping for the “easy egg breakfast” region.

Maybe I missed something but my eggs come in thier own packaging. A shell. Very biodegradable.

Frankly, seeing the examples cited in the article, I’m not on the “this is a great idea” train either. These things seem stupid and wasteful even if they are biodegradable. How much energy does it take to manufacture one off oh so specific packaging? If you want to make eggs quickly, how hard is it to boil water? If you want your champagne chilled, every hotel has an icemaker. Like, I don’t see the pressing need.

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