The Noid: what became of the Domino's mascot?


The idea of having an intentionally annoying anti-mascot is not that bright to begin with. The only place you were going to see the Noid was at Domino’s or in a Domino’s commercial, so logically avoiding the Noid meant avoiding Domino’s. (As if anyone needed additional motivation to do that.)


The Pricenomics article refers to the book Noid was holding, The Widow’s Son, as “a novel about Freemasons.” Obviously they’d never read Robert Anton Wilson, or they’d at least have called it a book about conspiracies. When I’d seen the original story in the papers I’d assumed it was a publicity stunt, but it’s sad to hear it was actually true, a guy with mental illness confused by the reality around him.

You’ve never heard of a Noid, then two turn up at once.

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