How Domino's pizza lost its mascot


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Perhaps my new marketing pitch for the grumpy guy who hates hamburgers called the “Frown-Felder” isn’t such a good idea…

I can’t bear to give up the great slogan though… “Fuck a Frown-Felder Today!”


Was this a particularly well-known event? In those heady pre-Internet days, I would have thought they’d been able to merrily saunter onward, confident that the majority would remain oblivious to the incident. I think the antics of even crazier people have been quite successfully buried even since then.



I had forgotten. That’s a pair o’ Noids you seldom hear about anymore.

It’s interesting how arbitrary delusions can reshape the world in arbitrary ways.


With that knowledge on hand, someone still green lighted a sitcom called “Everybody Hates Chris”. “Noid” may be rare, but Chris is one of the most popular names for both men and women in the U.S.



This has been a top notch day for triviata.

The Noid is pretty obviously made to bug and insult anyone who watches it. Like a “fuck you” or slur scribbled on a wall, not serious, maybe a joke, but it’s still not very pleasant. The Noid is a cartoon and it’s silly to take commercial messages personally but it’s simple and effective, like a high-pitch scream that bothers you to hear weather or not it’s malicious. And when that mentally ill person killed himself the Noid was still appearing on television every day.

Blame Batman!

FTA:> his demands ($100,000, a getaway car, and a copy of The Widow’s Son – a novel about Freemasons)

What? He asked for a book by Robert Anton Wilson?? That guy is EVERYWHERE!


Oddly there was a NES game based on the Noid, which had very little Dominoes in it. The game is pretty well known for being one of the better tie-in/mascot games, but that’s attributable to it being a reskin of another (Japanese only) game.

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I’d been doing an apazine called THE NATIONAL NOID since 1975, and was somewhat pissed myself when they showed up using my name. I showed them. I didn’t buy their pizza. It was probably my persistent lack of pizza-buying over those years that made them finally drop the mascot.


My wife got called for a phone survey in 1987, soon after the Noid came out, asking what she thought of the Noid character. She said she found it annoying, and so avoided their commercials. The person asking the questions seemed unsurprised.

So, fwiw, someone at Dominos was uncertain about how the character was going over in 1987.


My daughter, a preschooler at the time, called it “The Pizza Bunny.”


That’s a very sad story.

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Perhaps you could go with the Pouty Perry
Caption this photo of President Obama and TX Gov. Rick Perry, please - Boing Boing

After being attacked by a man with a gun, who was then institutionalized, they kept running the ads for six years. I think that’s some pretty merry sauntering.

I remember this news story, seems it got enough coverage, maybe in “News of the Weird” newspaper columns or the like?

That was actually a pretty good show and with Chris Rock behind it, no great surprise it got green lit.

I was joking. I kinda thought the over-the-top “Horrors.” made that clear.
(I’m named Chris.)

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But in this case, Rick Perry would be correct – everyone IS making fun of him…

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