The NRA begs gun nuts for donations, spends lavishly on its board of directors and execs

The NRA hired Oliver North as their new president and public face in 2018, but fired him less than a year later when he tried to kick the CEO out (Wayne La Pierre). Meanwhile Mr La Pierre has been fighting against their own PR firm and the folks who run NRA TV, and pretty much everyone’s suing each other. So a lot of interesting documents are coming to light about how much money’s been flowing to and being spent by the heads of this “nonprofit” company.


At this point I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the same morons who contribute to the Prosperity Gospel preachers also contribute to the NRA.

It’s basically grift all the way down with those people.


The right is pretty chock full of grift top to bottom. Notice how many conservative commentators are pushing buckets of fallout shelter food? Notice how Fox News mostly has cash for gold, or buy our gold bullion, or survival bucket food for advertisers?


To be fair, the NRA has been duping their donors about everything else and getting away with it, so why not mismanage the funds as well? And on the bright side, every dollar that they don’t spend lining the pockets of some corrupt congressman or senator is a bonus.


Yes, THANK YOU! A dollar thrown down the golden toilet is a dollar not advancing the cause. Keep up the good work, guys!

I need to research what policies the rank-and-file members get to vote on. I’m fluent enough in firearms I could pass for a nut. Perhaps I need to join and vote for the most corrupt leadership to ensure ALL the dues are wasted.

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If someone asked for my money and then stole it for themselves, all while saying they were putting it to good use, I’d be pissed. But given “muh #2A!” is involved, I’m not at all confident this will inspire enough outrage to torpedo the NRA. If even a fraction of the funds were used to own the libs by stopping any meaningful gun regulation from happening, all the ammosexuals probably consider all the grifting money well spent.

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I think they just vote in leadership elections. For the regional chapter and national. I know several people who’ve tried to put together a block to get sensible people in charge of whatever chapter controls around here, and at the state level. And there seem to be frequent letter campaigns and attempts to get anyone elected to national leadership positions. Its the only reason anyone I know with NRA membership has ever gone to a convention or meeting of any kind (aside from NRA associated sporting events and gun shows).

It doesn’t work, even when they round up an awful lot of people to back up the push. The gun nuts always go to the meeting and getting enough non-nuts to turn up is difficult. And if there’s a risk to leadership suddenly there all these new members joining just today, or a procedural trick delaying the vote. I suspect these are not real club elections. At the top Wayne Pierre stays CEO no matter what officers are “elected”. And he hand picked Ollie North as president along with the rest of the national level leaders.

Most of the pushes like this I’ve heard about took place in the 70’s and 80’s not long after the crazy balls take over, and most of the people involved quit the group in protest. Including my Grandfather and Great Uncles. Another family member of mine and a bunch of local folks were involved in a push to try to take control of the state level out here, I don’t think they were allowed to hold the vote. I guess members vote in a regional chapter, leaders of the regional vote in the state, and state leaders vote for national. So they really just need to make sure there’s enough crazy going to the national vote to keep it in charge. So they just sort of found an excuse to not hold the regional vote, and the existing leadership still got to carry it on up the ladder or something. It seems pretty fucked. But I wouldn’t join that shit if they paid me so I’m not super clear on how it all works.


Ammosexuals? Oh, that goes into the arsenal of IRL conversation bombs…

Hey! I just realized that my method hasn’t been tried yet! The other attempts were trying to get palatable non-nuts elected. But I want to get THE WORST possible choice elected, a ‘hoist by their own petard’ maneuver. What better way to destroy an organization than to let it march right off the cliff of extremism?

Who is the worst, most corrupt person to boost all the way to the top? Maybe they don’t even have to be elected, if Ollie North was handpicked, it might be enough just to get them noticed.

They did that in the 70’s and they’ve horribly warped our politics ever since. Including getting a novel, extremist interpretation of the 2nd amendment validated by the Supreme Court. Potentially making their take on fire arms legislation the permanent status quo.

Wayne LaPierre.

That’s some “its good if Donald Trump wins. It’ll bring the revolution faster logic”. Putting bad people in positions of power tends to give them the power to do bad things. Rather than spoiling the reputation of their associates and organizations. Particularly when there’s a critical mass of people over joyed to see those bad things done. And it largely rests on ignoring the people who will be harmed along the way, and the privileged assumption that you won’t be one of them.


See also
“If I name Nero as my successor, the people will be so disgusted it will end the Empire and bring back the Republic”
-Emperor Claudius (as played by Derek Jacobi)


The report will frankly reinforce support in the circles that it intends to damage. All the senior republicans are at it, creaming cash and holding eachother mutually hostage. They’ll think “what a good wheeze, I wish I’d have thought of joining the NRA board!” and carry on with their bribery and distortion.

If y'aint hustlin', y'aint bustlin'!


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