The NSA's new "core values" statement no longer includes "honor," "honesty" or "openness"


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NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” From Core Values

Seems pretty honest.


Hey, it’s the source of all that illegal parallel construction that’s been going on. Of course they would have to drop and pretense of honor.


Why pretend anymore?


Eh, does anyone at an organization really pay attention to a “core values statement”? I reckon that sort of thing is typically produced after paying five or six figures to a consulting firm at a weekend retreat, and after everyone agrees that management has done a very effective amount of Leadership for the day, everyone forgets about it and keeps on doing what they were already doing.


The surprising thing is that they even bothered with changing it.


Yea, I’m calling bullshit on this one. They still have a pile of abstract virtues up there - just different abstract virtues that cover the same ground. What matters is what they do - the concrete.




So basically instead of pretending to act honourably, the NSA is going to pretend to act ethically.


In response to questions from The Intercept on Tuesday, the NSA played down the alterations. Thomas Groves, a spokesperson for the agency, said: “It’s nothing more than a website update, that’s all it is.”

As he turned and left the stage, the breeze of his departure sent his meaningless papers to the floor like autumn leaves. He sang tunelessly to himself his favorite Material Issue song. “…and I would like to tell, the, very first lie”.


Obviously the statement is non-binding meaningless bollocks either way. But it’s also obvious that any change in the wording would result in this kind of self-own, and the fact they didn’t see it coming doesn’t reflect well on their institutional cleverness.


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