NSA's talking points for friends and family -- rebutted


Five key points… Rules of the Bozo Boosters?


Is the ability to shovel bullshit a prerequisite at the NSA, or is there on the job training?


Seems like they are skipping the “feature” portion of the feature/benefit template. We’ll tell you the benefits, but if we tell you the features, we’ll have to kill you.

Calling end users “customers” is really telling. Military Corporation.

This is a shift you see in all parts of government these days. Healthcare.gov doesn’t refer to you as a citizen, but as a consumer or customer. It’s pretty sickening, pun intended.

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It’s interesting; many people feel that 1984 is right on the money in terms of past dystopian novels fitting into today’s existence. I’m much more a believe of Brave New World being the dystopia we inhabit, with its predictions of genetic manipulation, forced consumption, and constant self-medication.

I guess they aren’t mutually exclusive, and maybe even prop each other up.

Welcome to the future!

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Here’s the full manual:

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Shrill shills selling shit sham shine sharp sir!

3 X fast.


FWIW, the military units I worked for used the word “customer” in a generic sense for anyone receiving the products of that particular station (other than enemies, of course). It does sound stupid to me as well, and I couldn’t say when the trend began, but it’s been around at least since the early/mid 90’s.

It’s become common in health care, too: patients --> customers.

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