The "numbers station" of YouTube


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Well, YouTube needs a Numbers station, even if this channel is only a debug / automatic testing of video uploads. Why 70,000 videos in the space of a year?

The test will be if the channel disappears when someone comments on one of the videos

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D.R.I.N.K. M.O.R.E. O.V.A.L.T.I.N.E

The real mystery is why I keep getting a body invalid message when I try to post


wait, why is this one the link from the article?

I remember first reading about numbers stations when I was kid in the People’s Almanac. Chilling, creepy reading, and when I occasionally listen to recordings on the web, I flash back to reading about them as a kid and get the same feeling. Irrational, and nothing I’ve followed up on to study, but I do occasionally make visits to the Conent Project site.

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Maybe the line between ARGs and state-sponsored spying has fuzzed to an unrecognizable blob.

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This is exactly what I’d do if I were a spy agency that wanted to tie up and waste resources in competing spy agencies.


Clearly my body is invalid. As to why, I don’t know. Is there a minimum length on Boing Boing comments?

White-blue-red are the colors of Russian flag.

And also the American one.

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… and the French!
… and British!

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'course, the whole reason numbers stations are broadcast by radio is that they reach everyone in the enemy country, and so don’t cast particular suspicion on the one agent who’s actually listening to them; with a YouTube channel it’s almost the exact opposite, so spies might as well use encrypted email.

Or that’s what they WANT us to think.


the Netherlands too

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So what… we need Numbers Station Torrents?


Torrents are no more anonymous than YouTube really. But numbers station spam… THAT would work really well. And now I think about it, I do get a lot of spam with text like this at the bottom:

If you want your car 10288075 beautifully cared for High Desert Detailing is the place to go. I had taken my car 10288075 to a drive through car wash and the detailer went overboard 10288075 with the orbital causing irreversible damage. Falling behind on the maintenance, 10288075 I had to put my trust in someone and High Desert did a great job 10288075 restoring my confidence. This is no slap 10288075 and dash place. Lance and crew treats 10288075 each car uniquely, he thoroughly walked me through the products 10288075 and treatments specific to my cars needs. High Desert went way beyond the call of duty 10288075 and I left feeling like someone turned back the clock to my cars 10288075 2005 glory days! what a transformation. High Desert’s acute sense for detail is superb, 10288075 these guys take their time and they do it right…to spec.

Oh sure, they say it’s to defeat spam filters, but if that’s true then how did it get through my filters, hmm? WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!


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